white privilege, american racism

white privilege and american racism

White privilege and American racism benefit Donald Trump. If he were not suffering from white privilege, he would have stopped himself by now. Or, maybe the media would do it. He should have been denounced four years ago when he disrespected the President of the United States by questioning his educational credentials and the place of his birth.

Donald Trump is the beneficiary of over 300 years of de facto laws that created a rift between whites and blacks. The poor uneducated whites in the north and especially the south who support Trump believe that they are higher up on the totem pole. They refuse to align themselves with the poor and working class of all races to improve their station in life. They vote against their own self-interest. How dumb is that! White privilege and American racism and everything that sprouted from that stain is coming to the fore in the age of Trump. Like a volcano, racism in America is uncertain. We don’t know for sure if and when it is going to be active, dormant or extinct. Some Americans short-sightedly believe that racism was over when Barack Obama became President. Those people are grasping at straws. They live in denial and do not want to face the stink of white privilege and racism in this country. They want a quick, easy answer to this perennial problem of racism. They got the “eggs on one’s face” treatment because the volcano of racism came to the surface during the Obama years and it has exploded now during the age of Trump.

During the Obama years we witness the obstructionist attitude of the Republicans in Congress. We know that Mitch McConnell – Senator from Kentucky promised to make sure that Obama is a one term President. We are aware of the insults and disrespect that Obama endured. Classic knee-jerk, subconscious white privilege and American racism in action. It is clear that the only reason Obama was treated in this way was the absolute, undeniable fact that he is a black man.

Corporate media claim that Donald Trump is receiving a wide cross-section of votes. This is due to mob mentality, where people are swept up by the spectacle – the wave moving around them. The saying that the “masses are asses” rings true in this case. Even some of the educated can become victim to such a frenzy. This is why America is not a true democracy.  The founding fathers made sure to create the electoral college system. The delegates and super delegates systems are stopper systems to prevent the goons from taking over. This will allow the sane and the educated to make the final decision.

white privilege and american racism

Five years ago, Donald Trump presented himself as a hoodlum and a hooligan. He challenged, contested, and queried the President’s legitimacy – not just the office he held, but even the essence of his being. Did the Republican establishment reject his notions of racism and unfairness? Did they show any hint of disapproval for this kind of behavior – even on moral grounds? No. They did not. Now, the chickens are coming home to roost and the Republican party establishment is beside itself. They cannot believe that Trump could be the nominee. If it occurs to them that they also contributed to the demagogue Donald Trump we will never know because they appear too embarrass to declare it. Why did they not run Donald out of town five years ago? They did not believe that a carnival barker/entertainer could get this far.

When Ben Carson asserted that the Chinese were in Syria the media circled the wagons and portrayed him as a candidate who is delusional and out of touch. He is essentially not a viable candidate for the nomination anymore. His demise was swift and tactical like a military take down. God knows that the powers do not want to see another pair of black legs walking into the oval office in 2017. Is Donald Trump half as smart and intelligent as Ben Carson? Ben Carson is not a politician, but because he is a smart and a humble character the potential is there for education and learning. (After all, the constitution only requires two qualifications to be President – an age and a citizenship requirement.)

Donald Trump, on the other hand is arrogant and bombastic. He is pretentious and pompous. He is not interested in educating himself. He is an obvious victim of a certain pathology that was not addressed during his life. Yet, he is ahead in the polls – he is winning. Is it white privilege that such a bonafide ass can be the Republican nominee? Yes. Highly possible. Is it white privilege that is preventing scrutiny by the media of his policies or non-policies? Is it white privilege that he is tolerated by the electorate as he is unable to tie two sentences together to present a coherent thought?

Even though some Republican and Democrats have acknowledged his deficiencies, he will go on. He will not be run out of town. Whether it is his feeling of entitlement, his perceived money or his privileged whiteness, he will carry on. The racists will go on supporting him. He will continue to move to the edge because he is “blinded by the white”. He knows on a subconscious level that he can get away with being a hateful, arrogant, low life human. Something that Barack Obama or any black man cannot get away with. White privilege and American racism would not  tolerate it.  In the end, I believe that Donald Trump will destroy himself. His lack of humility, wisdom and a certain understanding will be his downfall.

When I look at Donald Trump I see a jealous, vindictive, arrogant little fellow. He will continue to be ever present. He will continue to masturbate and spew his hatred.

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