shots cause autism


Shots cause autism because thimerosal/mercury is continued to be used in vaccines. The Centers for Disease Control published  an article”Understanding Thimerosal, Mercury, and Vaccine Safety”  and 1999 “The FDA (Food and Drug Administration) was required by law to assess the amount of mercury in all the products the agency oversees,not just vaccines.” It was decided that “as much mercury as possible should be removed from vaccines, and thimerosal was the only source of mercury in vaccines” It is important to note that they would “try to remove as much as possible.” This suggests that not all of the mercury will be removed. It is also important to note that at the same time the mercury  was being removed, they were also asserting that there was no evidence that mercury in vaccines was dangerous. According to the CDC and the FDA it was removed as a “precautionary measure to decrease overall exposure to mercury among young infants.”

It should be a concern to all of us that the CDC and the FDA is contradictory in logic and tone about vaccines. It is impossible to say that it is not dangerous, yet they are going to remove it. They claim that vaccines could be reformulated without thimerosal to ensure the safety, purity and effectiveness of the vaccines. What is the alternative to mercury? They have not told us. Indeed, children are exposed to mercury. There is nothing pure about vaccines if mercury is included in it. Mercury is a poison. Low dosageis not an excuse to put it in children’s vaccines. In the long term it can have a cumulative effect and cause problems. Also shots cause autism because babies in utero are indirectly being exposed to mercury poisoning through their mothers. Many pregnant women are ill-advised to have the influenza shot which is loaded with thimerosal. It goes without saying that before the babies are born they have had exposure to this poison.

shots cause autism

shots cause autism

Again, shots cause autism because mercury has not been entirely removed. It has been removed from single dose vaccines vials. If your child is receiving a multi-dose vaccine rest assured that thimerosal is in there. The claim is that when each does is drawn from the vial with a fresh needle, there is a chance that microbes can get into the vial, so the mercury preservative is necessary to prevent contamination.

Shots cause autism because there is evidence that similar traits/characteristic have been observed between mercury poisoning and autism. I will explain a few here: Movement disorders – Mercury poisoning as in Autism causes arm flapping,  spinning and rocking is common as well as uncoordinated  movements and inability to walk, walking on the toes among others.

Shots cause autism because in Autism as in mercury poisoning we have sensory abnormalities: over-sensitivity to sound, not liking to be touched and abnormal sensations in the mouth, arms and legs. There are a few other correlations, but I will give one more because it speaks to me.  It is Speech, hearing and language problems. My son did not speak until he was 4 and a half years old. So with Autism as in mercury poisoning you have delayed speech or failure to develop speech, problems with articulation, word retrieval and deafness if mercury is given at very high doses.

Now I reiterate, that shots cause autism.  The CDC likes to say that studies do not show that there is a correlation. Of course, the studies do not show. They have not done proper studies. You need to understand that we do not know who have conducted the studies that they do and who paid for these studies. We do not understand the financial interest of the people who sponsored these studies. These are things to bear in mind before you believe everything that the FDA and the CDC assert. They do not have the interest of the American people or people around the world. They only thing they answer to is the Corporation.

The CDC is not clear about the alternative preservative used in vaccines. We suspect that it is aluminum which is equally bad for you.  It’s sad how convoluted and illogical the reasoning appears. They claim that mercury does not cause autism because the number of cases have risen since its’ removal. (What a weak assertion if you are going to accuse people of not understanding correlation and causation.) What they are not telling you is how unsafe the other ingredients included in vaccines can be. They are not telling you about the deleterious effect on your infant baby. In the end, as of today, thimerosal is a definite ingredient in vaccines.


Genetically Modified Organisms

Genetically Modified Organisms

Genetically Modified Organisms are organisms that have been altered in some way using genetic engineering techniques. They isolate one trait that they are interested in an inject genes from another organism to produce a specific result. For example, some years ago the tomato was injected with genes from the cold water salmon so that the tomatoes will survive in cold weather. This was disputed, but there are sources who tell us that this did occur. An uproar ensued because of the disgust of such a thing happening and the idea was scraped. More than likely the experiment could not work. The tomato must have thrown up.

Genetically Modified Organisms

Genetically Modified Organisms

I became interested in the idea of Genetically Modified Organisms some years ago when my son was diagnosed with Autism. I was introduced to the idea by my pediatrician. I did my research and was concerned that I could be feeding my family, especially my son with GM (genetically modified) foods. Back then, there were hardly any labeling of foods to indicate that it was non-Genetically Modified Organisms. Recently, there has been a move by informed citizens to push their legislators to do something about labeling of Genetically Modified foods. So far there is pending legislation in about 30 states to make this happen. If you live in the U.S. it is imperative that you find out if your state is not one of the states with pending legislation so you can do something about it.

If you care about feeding your family the healthiest and tamper free foods, you must understand that most of the foods that we are presented with at the supermarket are mass produced and manufactured by big business. The idea is that the growing world population demands this kind of food production. This assertion is not true. Cost is also a factor in this way of thinking. Bio-tech companies with the help of big business have come up with the idea to produce cheap food that is based in corn, soy, rapeseed (canola) and beet sugar. If you look at the ingredients list at the back of any box, can or package in the supermarket, you will see some kind of corn or soy based product listed there.

This fact saddens me because soy and corn are at the heart of gluten free cooking for your child on the Autism spectrum if you suspect “leaky gut” syndrome. Because corn or soy is listed as the ingredient does not mean it is healthy or free from genetically modified organisms.

It is important to know that over 90 percent of the corn and soybeans produced in the US are genetically modified. Well, you might ask, what does this mean? It means that it is highly likely that the foods you prepare for your family have been contaminated in some form by “genetic engineering”. If you are not aware or you are not vigilant about looking at the ingredients list at the back of boxes and packages, you are most likely buying GM foods.  Foods that are GM have been altered. It is not real food. It is not in its’ original form. Do you want to eat a tomato or potato product that is not really a tomato or a potato? One of the most basic things that we do as humans – EATING is now being compromised. If the genetic make-up of an organism is altered, it follows that the other organism (i.e. human) who ingests that organism is affected as well. Your genetic material is altered and you don’t know how your cells and the structure of those cells are reacting to the invader. Your DNA is also being disrupted. The scary thing is that testing has not been done with any humans regarding GM foods. As one expert explains it, this science is in its infancy and no testing has been conducted to see if there is a correlation between the rise in certain diseases and use of GMOs.

The increased occurrence of certain cancers, allergies and auto-immune disorders that have risen concurrently with the advent of GE has been noted, and suspected for causing these disorders and illnesses but not proven. So the side effects from long term intake of GMO foods damage are unknown. It is said that because the bio-diversity of the soil and plants are being compromised with pesticides and insecticides, so is our gastro-intestinal tract. Is it any wonder that many of us and our children suffer with GI issues?

It is possible to avoid GM foods. You have to pay attention to the packages, boxes and bags of foods that you buy. Look for the No Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO) verification label. Avoid packages and boxes that show by-products of soy like soy lecithin and any kind of corn product of by-product if it is not organic and non GM. The most important thing you can do for your family is take a walk to the farmers market and buy real food that you cook and manufacture yourself. The food that you buy in a box or package with names of ingredients that you cannot read or pronounce is not healthy for your family.





MMR Autism link

MMR autism link

MMR autism link implications are important reasons why we need to revisit the link between autism and vaccines. We also need to investigate why there is a continuous rise in the numbers of children being diagnosed with autism. I think that the diagnoses are coming at us so rapidly that we have thrown our hands up. We are more focused now on finding treatments.  We should not give up on figuring out the causes – environmental or otherwise so that we will not have the diagnosis in the first place. I am sure that the medical community would say that Autism is not related to the MMR vaccine because the mercury preservative has been removed.  Why was it “eliminated or reduced as a precautionary measure”? According to the CDC since 2001 thimerosal (mercury) has been removed from vaccines except for some influenza vaccines.

Now, based on this information, logic informs me that our children are still exposed everyday to mercury through vaccinations. Firstly, by getting flu vaccines and secondly by the reduced amounts of thimerasol in all vaccines. Obviously, there is a cumulative effect there.  Also, pregnant women are being advised to receive the flu vaccine. If a pregnant woman do get the flu vaccine, she will be exposing her unborn child to mercury . Furthermore, they have not told us what is used as an alternative to thimerasol.

MMR autism link

MMR autism link

The results of a new study was announced today, April 21st 2015 regarding the MMR autism link. This study apparently involved 96,000 children and concluded that there is no MMR autism link. I find this study suspicious because it was very recently that we had this so called outbreak in some states around the country. (Approx.10 cases in a country of over 300 million people is not an outbreak) Apparently, this study was done very quickly to allay the fears of parents who are concerned about the MMR autism link. The newscaster also reported that 96,000 children were studied. I question whether the study began before the so called outbreak or was it started 2 months ago. I think that it would take much longer to study 96,000 children. This image to your left explains that a typical 0.5ml shot contains 50,000 parts per billion of mercury. The EPA considers 200 parts per billion of mercury as toxic hazardous waste.

Let’s break this down and consider what might be causing the measles outbreak. Appparently the MMR vaccine contains three live viruses. Andrew Wakefield, M.D. a pediatric gastroenterologist in London investigated this link. He said that the measles virus (remember it is live) is taken to the gastro-intestinal tract “where it multiplies and causes a persistent measles infection..” It is said that Dr.Wakefield “has documented the presence of live red measles particles in the GI tract of many autistic children in his practice and believes that the live MMR vaccine may cause children who are genetically at risk to have a chronic measles infection in their intestinal tract.”

Logically, it seems that the so called measles outbreak in the US is due to the overuse of vaccinations. Some in the medical community and the puppets behind them look for scapegoats. They accuse parents who are informed and skeptical of vaccines as a means to go on with their immoral behavior. They accuse them of being responsible for the measles outbreak. This is the far from the truth.

Since they are fond of saying that “we don’t know exactly what causes autism” then we will err on the side of caution and hold on to the suspicion that the MMR autism link is real.


vaccines link to autism understanding vaccines link to autism

autism vaccines link

Autism vaccines link have been confirmed time and time again because many parents have made the claim that their children were healthy and functioning normally until the MMR vaccine combinations (Measles, Mumps, Rubella.) were given – then the children became unresponsive and withdrawn. The children were subsequently diagnosed with autism.

Now lets say that vaccines do not cause autism. The question we need to ask is: Is it moral to inject small babies and young children with numerous vaccines all at once?

Dan Burton – a former Congressman from Indiana who chaired the Government Reform Committee testified in 1999 that  his grandchildren were among those who were suffered from vaccinations damage. He said that there were over 11,000 reports of children getting sick after being vaccinated. I think we forget that this epidemic had reached a fever pitch around the late nineties when he made this bomb shell statement about his grandchildren.  Of course, many of us were hoping that a high profile person like Dan Burton making such a claim would bring awareness to the autism vaccines link. We hoped that reform will come in the form of reducing the amount of vaccines given at the same time.  We were happy that we had an advocate in the middle of congress – chair of a committee that could bring reform.  We also had a feeling that if he were not directly affected by the academic, he would be one of the naysayers. Gladly, he asserted that American children are required to get 22 shots by the time they begin school. The actual amount being 33 “if ….. the MMR is counted as three agents” He went on to say that the “increasing number of vaccines to children to be a good intention gone too far” He continued to say that “an elderly person in the United States received a single immunization, the one for smallpox.” The point he is making is that an adult, whose body can probably handle a large quantity of vaccines is being given less than a small child whose body is not equipped to handle the quantity that they give them.

autism vaccines link

MMR autism link

autism vaccines link

The Environmental Protection Agency(EPA) and the National Academy of Sciences said that “standard chemicals are up to ten times more toxic to children than to adults, depending on body weight.” We need to understand that a baby’s organs cannot get rid of these chemicals and detoxify as fast as an adults’.  Their organs and immune systems are still developing. What we do to babies is illogical and immoral.  According to the EPA’s “Guidelines for Carcinogen Risk Assessment”( children acquire fifty percent of their lifetime cancer risks in the first two years of life.  That is a sickening statistic and we need to stop the madness.  The article continues, “Scientific evidence shows that children are different from adults in terms of their exposure and susceptibility to pollutants.This evidence may explain the relationship between environmental risks and some childhood illnesses. Still, gaps exist in our understanding of how, and to what extent, environmental contaminants cause or exacerbate childhood diseases and developmental disorders. Children’s environmental health research should be a priority.” That is a sickening statistic and we need to stop the madness.

There are some mothers who claim that the autism vaccines link has been debunked because their children did not receive vaccinations. They say that their children were diagnosed with autism at some point. They are the reformed. They are reformed from the thinking of vaccines cause autism.  It’s said that correlation does not indicate causation. I would like to say to these mothers that this idea works both ways. It is short-sighted and unreasonable to think that those of us who believe that vaccines link to autism are wrong. Our children’s genetic traits are different and unpredictable so you cannot know what will trigger an allergic reaction, disease or a condition like autism. It is said that we all have the potential to contract cancer. The potential is in our bodies, just waiting to be triggered by some thing we might do or think or eat. Most of us are lucky.

It is still unknown exactly what causes autism. The scientist cannot find out and the doctors do not know. It is still a guessing game after so many years. Many mothers like me knew a long time ago that excess bacteria, fungus and yeast in the intestines were linked to many of the ailments that affect children on the spectrum. Many doctors said that we did not know what we were talking about. They denied the claim of GI issues. Now they are coming around to the idea and is even definitive about it.

When a pediatrician asks, “Are you a doctor, where did you attend medical school?” look for the nearest exit because this doctor is not interested in working with you to heal your child.  Listen to your instincts and be guided by nature.
Scientific evidence shows that children are different from adults in terms of their exposure and susceptibility to pollutants.
This evidence may explain the relationship between environmental risks and some
childhood illnesses. Still, gaps exist in our understanding of how, and to what extent,environmental contaminants cause or exacerbate childhood diseases and developmental disorders. Children’s environmental health research should be a priority.


Vaccines and autism – causes – allergic reactions in children

Vaccines and Autism

There is a link between vaccines and autism. Even though the medical community has not conceded this fact, the families who have been affected by this epidemic of Autism already know this, and they are testifying everyday about the effect of these vaccines on their lives and the lives of their children.  The preservative thimerosal (mercury) that has since been removed from vaccines is known to cause allergic reactions in children. Why was this preservative removed from vaccines if they did not believe that it harmed children? Was it removed because of the pressure and the bad publicity from parents? Here is an article that will explain mercury and its’ side effects.

The medical community is fond of saying that “claims have been scientifically disproved”.  In other words, if the side effects of a drug or additive have not been observed and peer reviewed by the scientific community they do not exist. We are here to tell them that the maladies that overrun our children do exist in their bodies and we can attest to it. That there is a correlation between vaccines and autism.

During a film screening of the movie “Trace Amounts” Robert Kennedy Jr used the word “holocaust” to describe the relationship between vaccines and autism and the toll of disrupted lives that have been a result of the indiscriminate use of vaccines. He was immediately brought to his knees to apologize for using the term and relating it to vaccines and autism.  Immediately, attention was diverted from the topic of vaccines and autism to the use of a word. It appears that when a person is criticized for using a perfectly good word to describe a dastardly practice, it is a kind of terrorism and censorship of words and the mind.

In my opinion, he apologized about using a word that he fully intended to use. He was made to lie in order to appease those in our society who would rather dig their heads in the sand and divert attention from imminent issues facing our children. Furthermore, he said “a holocaust” not “the holocaust” which is an issue of language. In fact, he used the term correctly being concerned about offending the Jewish segment of our society. “The Holocaust” is a term which has been co-opted by the Jewish people, rightfully so, because of historical and familial reasons. They have a tacit agreement with society to refrain from using the term indiscriminately. They are given the luxury to do so. Conversely, most believe that the Jewish people should be the only segment in our society who should use the term “the holocaust”.  On the other hand, some believe that it is a kind of hostage taking of a word – endowing it with qualities and experiences of only one group.  Some believe that the term can be applied to many atrocities meted out to other groups of people that have occurred in world history. The “black holocaust” is used sometimes to explain slavery and its’ atrocities.

vaccines and autism

Robert Kennedy Jr is a smart, educated man, and it is clear that he intended to use the term “a holocaust”. He used it to express an urgency or to stress the seriousness of a problem. A term as “a holocaust” brings with it a force and identifier like no other word. It could produce action, criticism and attention.  If deeper thinking and caring result from its’ use, then such a word is a great word to use to describe what is happening to our children. Its unfortunate that he was forced to lie for using a perfectly good term. He could have explained to the impoverished minds the difference between the two terms. Instead, he succumbed to those who would prefer to deal in untruth. The truth is that vaccines and autism is a reality for many parents.

vaccines and autism

MMR autism link

What is happening to our children is like “a holocaust” They are brought to the doctors to receive vaccines like “lambs to the slaughter” – unknowing, innocent victims and recipients offered up for the purpose of maintaining a pharmaceutical system of dubious actions.  The pharmaceutical companies that manufacture the drugs and the chemicals that are injected into our babies everyday are unrelenting in their pursuit of money and profits. They do not listen to parents who are imploring to them to study the links between vaccines and autism. They use the bodies of our children for experimentation with drugs and chemicals that have not been fully researched and tested.

The time has come for us to wake up and understand that we were given an immune system for a reason. We should honor it and let it do its’ work of healing and protecting us. When we inject poisons into babies we are disrupting nature. We are intervening and disrupting the immune system. It responds by attacking itself which results in auto-immune disorders, allergies and gastro-intestinal issues.



Autism or autistic

autism or autistic

Autism or autistic. Some of us in the Autism community prefer to use the noun instead of the adjective to describe our children. We believe that our children contracted this condition through environmental factors and not an inborn error in the genes. Therefore, if discovered early, treated vigorously and in time – the condition can be cured or alleviated.  The child can even improve to the point of participating in a meaningful way with proper social interacting and functioning.

To us it seems that using the word autism which is a noun instead of autistic which is an adjective is more appropriate within the context of recovery. In other words autism is a thing – it is outside of myself – it is not who I am. I can overcome it. Like I said before, if your condition of Autism is inborn or genetic, you probably cannot do much about it.

autism or autisticautism or autistic

However, if it is environmental, I believe that the behaviors we see with children on the spectrum can be treated, alleviated and healed.  I believe this is the case with my son. This is a philosophical viewpoint. Autism or autistic. If you consider it you will agree that the noun version should be used to describe our children. Additionally, if you are a parent who is concerned with the labeling of your child and placing him/her in a box, then this idea is more palatable.  When the word “autistic” is used, it appears more concrete. This condition cannot be concrete for those of us who see our children getting better everyday and eventually being healed. This condition is not set in stone for us. Remember, this idea is not for everyone, and some might say “Who cares what you call it, we have an epidemic.” Autism or autistic – I don’t care. I say to them, if you are hopeful about our children overcoming this condition, and going on to lead productive interesting lives, you cannot be trapped by the language which might cause you to give in or to give up. Additionally, if you believe in the spiritual idea that our thoughts and words create our reality then you should consider seriously the words you use to describe your child.

If autism is a condition that our sons and daughters can overcome then we should describe it using the word autism and not autistic. You must say, “My son or daughter is on the autism spectrum” instead of “My son or daughter is autistic.” If it is not an inborn error there is no reason to give up on healing your child.

Furthermore, children on the spectrum are very concrete in their thinking, they usually don’t see the nuances, so why are we being concrete in our thinking. Are we on the  autism spectrum? Autism or autistic – you decide.



diet intervention and autism

Diet intervention in autism

Diet Intervention in Autism

Diet intervention in Autism is quite a task, but it is worth the time and energy for your child. It can be done. A strong stamina is important as you trudge your way through the challenges with an eye to success and your child’s recovery from Autism. Maybe the child will not recover totally from the symptoms of Autism through dietary intervention, but I guarantee you that marked improvements in your child’s behavior will be immediate. I began to see results as soon as I made key changes in his diet. Those key changes were eliminating all gluten products, all (casein) milk products. I started there – the obvious ones were, flour or wheat, barley, barley malt – (an ingredient in many products- you have to read labels) rye, oats, durum wheat (pasta), spelt ( a cousin of wheat – it is not very gluten dense) semolina (pasta) cous cous. Milk as you know, contains casein, which is the protein in milk – like gluten is the proitein in wheat. My son’s holistic pediatrician also informed me that milk creates mucus in the body so eliminating it just for that reason was a good thing. Looking at this list, you might think – how am I going to do this? I felt concerned when my son’s holistic doctor read out the list to me. Honestly, I was panicked. I had no idea how to replace these food items. I am here to tell you that once I settled in and felt less overwhelmed, I found that the many alternative gluten free foods were just as delicious and easy to intervention in autism

Diet Intervention in Autism

You will face resistance on your journey to alter your child’s eating habits. Your child will refuse to eat the new foods. The is accustomed to the old foods and do not want to change. He or she might not like the taste of the new food. But most importantly, the child has become addicted to the gluten rich foods and do not want to try something different.  In the beginning you have to use substitutes for the foods that they like. For example if the child like to drink a lot of milk you will substitute with, rice or almond milk. You have to introduce the foods gradually. You might have to trick them and put the new foods into the familiar/old foods cans and boxes to make them believe that they are eating those old foods. I don’t think that this works, and I don’t believe in tricking children.  It’s deceitful and the children are very smart and know what you are doing. In most cases they will refuse the food.
Explain that new food choices will make them feel better. I found that diet intervention in autism worked for me and my son because I was honest with him. I remember cooking potatoes for him, mashing it up and sprinkling with olive oil and a little salt. (Stick to little ingredients and simple recipes because if the child has an allergic reaction, it will be easy to detect by process of elimination what might be the culprit.) My son refused to eat the potatoes because he wanted the bread that he loved very much and which he had become addicted to. I refused to give in. We spent almost the whole day in a battle of wills. He did not eat, and I kept offering him. After many hours, he realized that he was not going to be offered anything but the potatoes, so he gave in and ate the potatoes. He ate the potatoes and he liked it. I don’t really know how he felt about the taste because he did not speak at the time. I believe it was a simple matter of “hunger” Hunger won over and he had no choice because I was determined to go through with this diet change. I knew eventually he would give in because he would be hungry. It is that simple. Potatoes are a good place to start with the diet intervention and autism because they are delicious and nutritious. link So don’t be afraid to apply the diet intervention in autism protocol. Don’t give in to the refusal and intransigence because you feel sorry for the child while he/she is resisting. You have to hold on. Be brave and persistent in your goal. If you give in because you think the child is going to starve – please know that they are NOT going to starve. They will eat what you give them eventually.