the safe and accurate food labeling act

safe accurate food labeling act

Safe accurate food labeling act was passed by the US House of Representatives on July 23,2015. The senate will take it up in September. We need to say no to this proposal to ensure that all foods that are genetically engineered are labeled. This proposed legislation is another attempt by the biotech companies like Monsanto to make it difficult for the American people to know about the foods that they buy and prepare for their families. There are many erroneous ideas and information put forward in their defense of this ongoing assault of our food system.

safe accurate food labeling act

safe accurate food labeling act

Safe accurate food labeling act

The Coalition for Safe Affordable Food and  the Grocery Manufactures Association are the major proponents of this legislation. They claim that GMO’s are regarded as safe and that the World Health Organization and the American Medical Association have endorsed it.  These organizations are usually referenced because they want to cut off our thinking about the dangers in our foods.  If they  say that the AMA has endorsed GM technology we will accept this authority and move on. We should not.  According to the Coalition for Safe Affordable Food, “Genetically modified (GM) technology incorporates desirable traits from nature into crops, resulting in plants that can be healthier, more nutritious and better for the environment. This process is done without introducing anything unnatural or using chemicals.”  This is an erroneous and misleading statement. Let us dissect this statement:

When the bio-tech companies refer to “desirable traits” let it be known that there is nothing desirable about the end products of gene splicing and re-combining to make food crops resistant to glyphosate -the main ingredient in round-up. If you re-combine genes and shoot it into plant organisms to make the plant resistant to a poisonous chemical there is nothing natural or desirable about this. The plants are not healthier and we humans who eat the plants and food produced from these plants are not healthier. The rise in cancers and autism to name a few diseases have increased in tandem with the increased use of round-up. This kind of agricultural practice dries and kills the bio-diversity of the soil. It kills the nutrients in the soil, so our foods are lacking in proper nutrition. It kills weeds, bees and insects that play an important role in this bio-diversity. And it kill us eventually. I often wonder why some characters in the scientific community refuse to consider the relationships of connection and the complexities of the self-organization of life without much input from man. Our role is to care and assist and not to conquer because she always has the last word. Nature is a self-organizing force. We ought to work with nature and respect her.

The safe and accurate food labeling act proposes that farmers will use less pesticides because of GMO. This is not true because glyphosate is really an antibiotic and many resistant bacteria develop from the overuse of glyphosate. They also claim that it will lower the cost of food because of less pesticide use. This is not true because they do use more round-up to kill the new varieties of weeds and pests that arise from the overuse of this poison in the first place. They talk about alleviating world hunger and malnutrition around the world.  They are actually causing more poverty and deaths around the world. These multi-national corporations like Monsanto and people like Bill Gates are very arrogant in their thinking.  They believe they know more than the people who have been practicing agriculture for thousands of years in sustainable ways.  When multi-national corporations go into these countries and deplete the forest, the soil, the water –  they leave the native people without any resources to produce their own food. They then say that these people are in poverty – they are helpless and we have to save them. It is arrogant, evil and immoral.  What they do is a violation of nature and our bodies and we need to stand up and say no more!!


Physical autism signs

Physical autism signs

Physical autism signs vary in children on the autism spectrum. One or more than one of these key physical elements are clues that your child might be on the autism spectrum. It is important that you see your child’s pediatrician to ask questions so that you can start the process of your child’s recovery. Most diagnosis of Autism is due to environmental and biological factors. There is hope for recovery if these are the causes. The key physical autism signs are lack of eye contact, not pointing, walking on tip toes, repetitive opening and closing of drawers and doors, lining up toys and not playing with the toys in meaningful ways and sitting like a “W”. Sitting like a W and walking on tip toes is an indication of sensory issue.

My son walked on his toes and also sat in a “W” shape. However, many children who sit in this way are not necessarily on the autism spectrum. They could have what is called joint hypermobility. It is important to note that these children can be late in their developmental milestones like crawling, sitting and standing and may start to walk after they are passed 1 year old.  This is important to know so that your child is not mis-diagnosed. Hypermobility has an impact on the child’s motor control hence the autism connection.physical autism signs

Some particular physical signs of autism in children on the spectrum like sitting in a W shape could be a compensation for weak back and neck muscles. I am of the opinion that this way of sitting provides more stability and security for children who have low muscle tone or floppiness. You can read more about this at

We know that children on the autism spectrum have difficulties processing sensory information. It is also true that they are good at detecting signals from the joints and muscles, but not so good at integrating all of this information coming in. I believe that walking on tip toes is an over-compensation for that challenge of integrating information. This makes toe walking in my opinion a sensory issue and not tightness of the muscle. Some might disagree. I am not a scientist but I make observations as a Mom of a child on the Autism spectrum.

Our children are trying so hard to figure things out. It’s in their nature and our nature to be better and to do better. It is incumbent upon us to help them recover with the proper diagnosis and treatments.


aluminum brain toxicity

aluminum brain toxicity

Aluminum brain toxicity is something I promised to talk about in one of my previous posts.  Again, I will address this within the context of vaccines which I believe is a major cause of Autism. Vaccines might not be bad if it were possible to produce them in a way that excluded adjuvants (substances that boost immunity) like aluminum which is a toxic. Like mercury, aluminum is used in vaccines not so much as a preservative as is the case with thimerasol, but as a way to boost the  immunity. Now you might say that this is a good thing. Well it appears to me that many things done in science is counter-intuitive and illogical to my brain and I am sure to all of you intelligent people. Obviously, you cannot take a live virus and insert it into a human because it will create an illness. Therefore, they kill the virus by heat and other methods, then the virus is reactivated or strengthened by adding aluminum to make the virus work in your body and to last longer. If they do not add aluminum and you are one of those with a strong immune system your body will just get rid of the virus without any problem. This means that the vaccine would be useless for such a person. So, aluminum is put into the vaccines essentially so that it will last longer, and have better viability in the body for the people with weak immune systems.

Aluminum brain toxicity is known to cause Alzheimers disease. Dr. Stephanie Seneff of Massachusetts Institute of Technology, asserts that Alzheimers and Autism are similar diseases taking place at different times in a person’s life.  She explains how aluminum is taken up into the brain by glyphosate (ingredient in Round-up) which cages aluminum and gets it pass the blood brain barrier. But that’s another story.

The Food and Drug Administration removed thimerasol from vaccines (partly) and replaced it with aluminum which is worse because it has this relationship with glyphosate whic all over our non-organic foods. And according to Dr.Seneff,  glyphosate makes mercury and aluminum more toxic. Furthermore, aluminum is not really a replacement for mercury because they perform different functions in the manufacture of vaccines.

There are many other ingredients in vaccines that we should all be concerned about like formaldehyde which is a known carcinogen (cancer causing). At the end of the day, you are not going to give your child teaspoonfuls of aluminum, formaldehyde, or Ethylene glycol (main ingredient in anti-freeze) so why would you allow a so called doctor to inject these substances into your child?

aluminum brain toxicity

According to the EPA we are exposed to aluminum from everywhere in the environment. Air, water, soil, utensils  to name a few. If this is the case, we do not need to deliberately add more by injecting our children with this metal that causes aluminum brain toxicity. Aluminum brain toxicity can also arise from persistent use of anti-perspirants, antacids, or cosmetics and it is also used as a food additive. According to the EPA, “studies in animals show that the nervous system is a sensitive target of aluminum brain toxicity. Obvious signs of damage were not seen in animals after high oral doses of aluminum. However, the animals did not perform as well in tests that measured the strength of their grip or how much they moved around.”

To protect your newborn and small children it is advisable to refrain from giving vaccines because the benefits do NOT outweigh the risks. Over time the cumulative effects can have a negative effect on your child and the immediate family.  We need to do natural immunity – natural immunity usually last for life. If your immune system is strong you might show little or no symptoms from a disease because the body would have eliminated it. It annoys me when people in the medical community skirts around the issue and talk about spacing vaccines. It is not about spacing vaccines. The vaccines are filled with toxic ingredients, so it means nothing whether you space them out or not. Our children are being slow poisoned from them. Natural immunity does a perfect job, but because we live in a fear-mongering society, the weak ones will succumb to the propaganda.

I have often pondered on the non-sensical logic of the pro vaccines rabble rousers who say that if a child is not vaccinated he or she will infect the others in the school or community. Logically, if all the children in a classroom or community are vaccinated then they should not have any fears of being infected by that one child who is not –  because they supposedly have immunity. This skewed logic exposes the lie about vaccinations.

Trans fats – foods high in trans fats – partially hydrogenated oils

Trans fats

The FDA has finally decided to admit their erroneous thinking regarding trans fats. Trans Fats also known as partially hydrogenated oils have been essentially designated as harmful to humans by the FDA two days ago. Trans fats have been used for decades in the manufacturing industry in the processing of certain foods.  Foods like cookies, cakes and baked goods do not go rancid and moldy with trans fats. It also allows processed foods to have a long life on the supermarket shelves.trans fats

Trans fats are responsible for the deteriorating health in Americans. Heart disease and obesity are two of the many chronic health problems facing Americans everyday. It is my opinion that the FDA has always been aware that the culprit was trans fats and not cholesterol.  They have also walked back their policy on cholesterol.  For many years we were told that cholesterol was a bad thing. This is far from the truth. The FDA is taking away the warning about the relationship between cholesterol and heart disease. According to the advisory panel “cholesterol is not a nutrient of concern for over-consumption”

In the past, and still today the FDA has erroneously conflated trans fats, saturated fat and cholesterol. Trans fats are like bad company looking for good company in saturated fat and cholesterol. Saturated fat is naturally occurring in meats and dairy. Egg yolks are famously cholesterol laden. Egg yolks are good for you. It is brain food. However, until recently cholesterol was bad for you. It makes you wonder if the FDA is playing some sick game with the public.  They give us wrong information depending on who is paying them and whose interests it serves at the time. Then, they reverse the opinion depending on public uproar, sickness and death.

I have never given up eating eggs because I know that eggs are good for my brain. It is a great protein source and economical. I never listen to the FDA. I like to read the sometimes erroneous lies and misinformation that they print.

I usually receive updates from the FDA on a wide range of food issues and recalls. I received and email update from a Steve Morin who is Acting Director, Cardiovascular & Endocrine Liaison Program, Office of Health and Constituent Affairs at the Food and Drug Administration. The email explains the new guidelines regarding trans fats. However, it continued that “trans fats will not be completely gone from foods because it occurs naturally in small amount in meat and dairy products ..” I want to inform Mr. Morin that this statement is wrong, wrong, wrong.  I believe he inserted this notion on his own in the email because this statement is not in the original document on the FDA website.

There is nothing natural about trans fats. It is a man-made product using hydrogen in oil to harden it.  Trans fats do not occur naturally in meat and dairy, saturated fat does and is good for you. Trans fats are bad for you.

When the government is not working in the interest of its citizens, but instead is taking advice and counsel from big corporations – you can go for many years, and many lives are lost before a real change can come.

The FDA is giving corporations three years to comply and eliminate trans fats from processed foods. In this time they will have to reformulate or “petition the FDA to permit specific uses of partially hydrogenated oils. Again, my concern is the substitution for PHOs, and are they going to list it in the ingredients. Would it be given another name as they have started to do with preservatives, or is it going to be shrouded in secrecy until it starts killing us?  Are they going to be lazy and petition the FDA to continue using it in small amounts in certain foods?

We have to be vigilant about the foods that we consume. There is no one on the face of the earth who do not eat everyday or think about eating foods. This is how we get nutrition and sustain ourselves. Unless you are food deprived in cases of poverty, food is something that is an integral part of our lives. We need to pay better attention to what we put into our bodies.






Antibiotics in farm animals – resistant bacteria causing health hazard

antibiotics in farm animals

A new directive was issued by the FDA on June 3, 2015 regarding the use of antibiotics in farm animals which will give us a bit of hope in the overuse of antibiotics in our culture.  The administering of antibiotics to animals was taken out of the hands of the factory farmer and given to the veterinarian. When the White House – President Obama finds it necessary to get involved in having an action plan to combat resistant bacteria, it tells you that there is a health crisis. It tells you that the problem is imminent and action needs to be taken.

They are calling it a drug resistant threat. This sounds a lot like terrorism. Terrorism by resistant bacteria.  For over twenty years some of us citizens were concerned about the overuse of antibiotics – overuse of antibiotics in farm animals and overuse in humans. Why did it take so long for the leaders of our country to address this problem?  Why is there an urgency? “The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) estimates that drug-resistant bacteria cause two million illnesses and approximately 23,000 deaths each year in the United States alone.” Why did it take all of this to finally do something about the overuse of antibiotics in farm animals and humans seriously? antibiotics in farm animals

I want us to connect the dots – something we seem to have lost in the way we live our lives and make decisions for our health and happiness. How are antibiotics in farm animals, vaccines and the foods we eat connected? Before the 1930’s there were no CAFO’s(Concentated Animal Feeding Operation) This way of raring animals for producing meat creates consequences that were not foreseen by the factory farmers or they were ignored for a long time. But the “chickens have come home to roost”, so to speak.  We are paying a dear price for their lack of foresight.  CAFO type production keeps animals in tight quarters. They are confined to spaces where they can barely move around. They eat and defecate in the same space.  What do you think will happen in such a situation?  Infections. Infections that will make it necessary to use antibiotics  in farm animals. We are also exposed to antibiotics in vaccines and we get some low doses from the foods we eat of these animals.

Who administers the antibiotics?  The factory farmer. Can we trust the farmer if all he or she is concerned about is production – demand and supply? If the bottom line is all they are concerned about, then we cannot trust the farmer to do the right thing.  Before this new rule 1 week ago it was the factory farmer who administered the antibiotics to the animals.  Also, the criteria for antibiotics have been changed.  We hope it is no longer the disconnected, one-sided thinking of  “production and growth”, but takes into account the effect on humans and the environment as a whole.  It is now the veterinarian who oversees how antibiotics are used, and the distribution to the factory farmers. The meat producers must have approval before feeding these animals antibiotics. It was also implied in the articles that the antibiotics had to be “medically important”. What does this mean? Don’t know. However, if we continue to house animals for slaughter in these CAFOs, antibiotics will be medically important and we will continue to die. Can we trust the veterinarian to do the right thing? Or will there be conflict between morality and money. If money wins, we will continue to die.

The only way to stop this overuse of antibiotics in farm animals is to stop eating meat or to only buy grass-fed meat free of antibiotics. If we don’t buy it there will be no demand and therefore no need to supply.

You can help stem the spread of resistant bacteria by not requesting antibiotics for every ailment you have. You can spread the word about the overuse of antibiotics in farm animals and humans. It is for the long term health of yourself and your children and the next generation.



Just mayonaise

just mayonaise

Just mayonaise is a product on the market that is being presented as a great substitute for mayonaise. This product is manufactured by a company by the name of Hampton Creek which is based in California. This company has some big name investors behind them like Marc Benioff, Peter Thiel among others.  These investors are truly in it for the money. I don’t believe that they are aware of the bad effects of the ingredients in this new food fad that everyone is raving about. It’s especially bad for our children on the Autism Spectrum.  Incidentally, it is not new because a similar product called veganaise is a superior product by far just based on the ingredients. A big name celebrity did a taste test and gave it the thumbs up so the rest of us should just fall in line. This particular celebrity will eat anything because she is a glutton and the others are either clueless and greedy or just clueless.

Just mayonaise for all intents and purposes is an alternative to regular mayonaise like Hellmans.  At first I believed that Hampton Creek was a bio tech food company like Monsanto – tampering with nature – based on the description of this product by the CEO.  Their logo is an egg-shape graphic with what looks like a three leaf plant superimposed on the egg. The implication is that they took a plant gene and shoot it into the egg. The CEO also talked about using plant technology to create this just mayonaise.  This is all part of the hype.  It is called false advertising.  I am sure he knows the difference between a plant – the genetic make up of a plant and the product of a plant like yellow peas.  After careful investigation I am convinced that Hampton Creek is a glorified cooking school.  It took 1500 tries for some chefs in the company to figure out that they can use a yellow pea from Canada as a protein substitute? How daft! I could figure this out in my own kitchen within minutes and I can also make mayonaise in my food processor at home without the preservatives.  They don’t have their own facility producing just mayonaise. The manufacture and production of just mayonaise have been outsourced to another company.

This post is really a follow-up from my last post – not intentionally though, this fell into my lap by accident and it fits in perfectly with what I talked about regarding chelation.

I want to do an autopsy of some of the ingredients in just mayonaise. In particular, I will address Canola oil, modified food starch and Calcium Disodium (EDTA). Canola Oil has a very interesting history and etymology. Canola was essentially bred and created in a lab in Canada. It is from the rape plant. It is also know as rapeseed oil.  The issue with canola oil is that 95 percent of canola oil in the US is genetically modified and used for bio fuel. Now Hampton Creek has specifically indicated that it is Non- GMO which is a good thing. They also have a certification by the Non GMO Project. This is all good, but I stay away from canola oil and anything which has it as an ingredient. The GE percentage is too high and how do we know for sure where Hampton Creek is sourcing the oil to make just mayonaise. Based on the investors in this company, I suspect all they care about is the bottom line which is profits. They do not care about your child with Autism or allergies or intestinal issues etc. They will source the cheapest and most available raw material to make just mayonaise.just mayonaise

Modified food starch is very pervasive in many ingredients in our foods. Just look at any jar, can or frozen foods in your supermarket and you will see that ingredient listed. It is a thickening agent. It is also a stabilizer and emulsifier, so it makes sense that Hampton creek will use it in just mayonaise. Many years ago my son’s pediatrician told me to watch out for by-products of wheat, corn, tapioca, potato.  While potato, tapioca and corn are gluten free, if it is modified with chemicals you should not be feeding it to your sick children.  Modified starch is a chemically treated starch. Starch treated with so many many different inorganic acids too numerous to mention here. Without modified food starch the food industry will not be able to bring you supermarket foods with 1000 year shelf life. According to the FDA “the term starch is considered the common or usual name for starch made from ‘corn” … starches from other sources should be designated by some non-misleading term that indicates the source of such starch, for example, “potato starch”, “wheat starch”, or “tapioca starch”. What this indicates to me is that since just mayonaise does not state specifically that it uses one of the above named starches, then we have to assume that is is corn. I have a big problem with corn. Again, most of the corn produced in the US is genetically modified.  Since I am not sure from where Hampton Creek gets their corn or their “modified food starch” I will take a pass.

Lastly, and most importantly, lets talk about EDTA. Calcium Disodium EDTA is listed as an ingredient on just mayonaise. (Ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid) is approved for use in food to improve color and flavor. As you can see many of us have problems pronouncing these words.  And my philosophy is: if you cannot pronounce it you shouldn’t eat it.  However, the issue is that EDTA is essentially a chelator. It is used in chelation therapy for the removal of heavy toxic metals like mercury, lead and arsenic. EDTA is not widely used in chelation therapy because of its’ side effects. DMSA is considered the safest chelator.  The important thing to understand about EDTA is that it also chelates the good guys  – the micro nutrients like manganese, magnesium, calcium, zinc, cobalt that we desperately need, but not getting in our processed food diets. Once the chemical EDTA binds these metals –  good and bad – it is flushed out of the body.  So, in essence Hampton Creek is adding a chemical to just mayonaise that is chelating essential nutrients out of your body when you consume it.  Are you aware of that? No, because Hampton Creek has touted this product to be the savior  – the alternative to regular mayonaise. They say you should give it to your child because it is egg free, gluten free (not really) etc. I say you should not.  I don’t care if the FDA approved it for use in food.  The FDA “estimates that a person’s total exposure to EDTA via food sources is 15 milligrams(MG) per day” Well is that suppose to make us feel safe? No. Think of the cumulative effect of 15mg everyday. Think of what it is doing to your body if you have it everyday in some form. It is robbing you of essential micro nutrients and causing all manner of maladies in our society. This just mayonaise product is rifed with chemicals and if I were you I would not use it.

Just off the presses. Hampton Creek has removed EDTA from the ingredients list on the website. But according to the small print under the ingredient list just mayonaise with preservative is also available. How charitable!! I do have the jar that has EDTA listed as one of the ingredients. I will keep it as proof.

oral chelation of mercury – poisonous metals like aluminum, lead, arsenic can lead to autism diagnosis

Mercury chelation

Mercury chelation works.  My family and I have practiced oral chelation of toxins  like mercury for many, many years. I believe this practice helped my son tremendously in relieving the symptoms of autism.  I would also use it occasionally when I feel tired and sluggish.

I also wanted to talk about oral removal of toxic substances because oral chelation of mercury and other heavy metals was one of the many protocols that I applied in my mission to heal my son of Autism. I have talked at length previously about mercury/thimerasol  in vaccines and my belief that it is one of the causes of Autism. If you are a pregnant Mom with amalgam fillings in your mouth, your unborn child is exposed to mercury. Pregnant Moms are also unnecessarily advised to get the flu vaccine which has mercury. They claim that they have removed it from vaccines, but it is still an ingredient in the flu vaccine. After your baby is born, if you choose to vaccinate your baby, he/she will have more exposure. This can be a diagnosis of Autism waiting to happen.

mercury chelation

Chelation therapy is a method used for the removal of mercury and other heavy metals from your body. Many people do an infusion of the chelation minerals through the vein in a doctors’ office over a period of time.  The metals are excreted through the urine. My sons’ holistic physician introduced me to this product many years ago and we have been using it with positive results. I chose to do oral chelation of mercury by using a liquid zeolite instead of transfusion and I believe that my son has recovered from Autism because of oral chelation of mercury – among other things that I applied.

mercury chelation

autism symptoms

mercury chelation

There are other over the counter nutritional supplements and food items that can be used for oral chelation of mercury.  Some of those are alpha lipoic acid which I have given my son, selenium and Vitamin A and C.  Lots of garlic and cilantro can also be used in cooking to help your child with excretion of mercury and oral chelation of mercury.

Food Fascism


Food Fascism

Food fascism has been applied to certain groups in our society. The term evolved as a protest against people who choose to eat pure foods based on informed choice. These people have legitimate concerns because of  gluten sensitivity, Celiac disease or leaky gut. Some of us have chosen to become vegetarians because we do not want to eat meat from animals that have been contaminated with antibiotics and fed corn or soy that have been genetically engineered.

The so called food fascists are an irritant to those who continue to stick their heads in the sand regarding the contamination of our foods with pesticides and chemicals. The term food fascism is an overkill in describing a different way of thinking about food and eating food.  I think it is also a backlash against Michelle Obama and her lame attempt at helping her fellow citizens to eat well. We know that she cannot address the root of the problem because she will vilified.  Additionally, her husband is in the pockets of the biggest corporate fascist.

food fascism

food fascism

so called food fascist

Food fascism is a strong term considering its meaning in history – totalitarian governments and leaders forcible suppress opposition to that form of government.  Food fascism is more aptly applied to the people who criticize those of us who are concerned about the take over of our food systems and our right to  know what we put into our bodies for sustenance. We are selective in our food choices because we have the knowledge about what is happening with genetic engineering and the chemical glyphosate. We know that this chemical is sprayed on food crops indiscriminately to kill pests – some of which are beneficial to the soil. This in turn causes the rise in cancers, diabetes, obesity, autism among many other diseases.  The International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) has said that glyphosate is “probably carcinogenic to humans”. The organizations  that do research on this topic – too numerous to mention – have evaluated this over the years. This new data is still being evaluated by the World Health Organization who has created an ad hoc expert task force to assess the new data. This idea of the ad hoc task force informs me that they don’t care and don’t believe the findings. They are going to fart around with the information then forget about it. They know we are not paying attention. The World Health Organization (WHO) is in the pockets of Monsanto – the biggest corporate fascist.

The real food fascism is being unleashed by companies like Monsanto who seem to believe that our diet should consists of four crops, corn, soy, canola and wheat. These crops are the basis of all the processed foods that some of us eat. These are the processed supermarkets foods that you buy in the boxes and packages with a 100 ingredients list and 1000 year shelf life. It is the list of ingredients that you cannot pronounce. Food fascism is forcing us to eat foods (especially the very poor who cannot afford organic) without full knowledge and consent about the tampered crops that have been genetically engineered. This GMO food has been proven to have cumulative negative health effects on the human organism.

Food fascism  is applied by the people who act like cults –  the Monsantos’ of this world who are steadfast in their belief that genetically engineered foods are good for us. They are the real food fascists because they are quickly and quietly taking over our food systems without our full participation as citizens in a democracy. In a free society citizens should know about the food that they consume.  They should be informed about chemicals, pesticides and GMO’s present in the foods. If we are not given the opportunity to object – to ask questions about what is in our food then we are being ruled by corporate fascists and we will never have true freedom of choice.

foods containing GMOs

foods containing GMOs

Foods containing GMOs should be labelled because it is our right to know what is in our food as citizens of the United States. For the sake of our health we need to have informed choice. This way, we can make informed choices according to our values about the foods we eat. Why is it that our foods are not labelled? You will have to understand the unscrupulous symbiotic relationship between our politicians and the corporations like Monsanto. It is quite disappointing that our President Obama appointed Michael Taylor who was once a Vice President at Monsanto to head the Food and Drug Administration. Obama said in 2008 that everyone has the right to know what is in his/her food. Yet, he has appointed someone whose interest is clearly not the American people and the food that they eat. He has not done anything to push this particular agenda of food safety.  They have pulled the wool over our eyes by using Michele Obama as a front to pretend that they care about what Americans eat. If Michele really cares about the health of our children she will speak the truth. We know she cannot speak the truth because the enemies of her husband will have a nuclear reaction.

foods containing GMOs

the safe and accurate food labelling

The President and his family do not eat the processed junk that we call food in these United States. There is a garden and a gardener on the White House grounds producing healthy organic and non-GMO foods to present at the table for their family and friends. I am sure attention is given to ingredients lists when doing food shopping – reading labels and buying certified organic. The contaminated filth that he eats on the road while campaigning is surely chelated out of his bloodstream. God knows he can afford the treatments. But we the ordinary citizens can’t afford such treatments to remove the poisons that they feed us through foods containing GMOs.

foods containing GMOs

We need to get serious about our health by purchasing foods that do not contain GMOs and appealing to our city councils and Congress people to pass laws to protect our foods. We should hold them accountable. We are so busy with our daily living that we are not paying attention to what the evil ones are doing. We don’t seem to care that they don’t work for us –  the people. We don’t care that this is not a true democracy anymore – of the people, for the people, by the people. President Obama and the congress work for the corporations and they use us to get into office, and we pretend that we are exercising our democratic rights.

If you love yourself and your body – if you love your children, it is imperative that you pay attention to the labels and ingredients list of the food products that you buy. Foods containing GMOs are, wheat, corn, soy, beet sugar, canola and their by-products. These are the major culprits. You also have to watch out for the by-products of  these commodities like soy lecithin and corn syrup which are so pervasive in processed foods, and are staples of the manufacturing process of shelf stable junk. Canola oil which everyone thinks is healthy is not so. Also, known as rapeseed oil – (that alone should give you a clue) canola is a very unhealthy oil. Canola oil is processed using solvents and toxic residues are left behind.

Don’t buy foods that list more than three ingredients on the can or box – that’s a bad sign and you should put it back from whence it came. If it does not state GMO free on the box or can, and if it is not organic then it should not be in your body. Tell your supermarket where you shop that you want GMO free food and see that it happens. Tell them that  foods containing GMOs are poisonous and killing you slowly. If you don’t give them your money, they will soon adjust their attitude and give you what you want which is uncontaminated, unadulterated –  free of GMO’s foods.

Glyphosate poisoning with GE crops

Glyphosate poisoning

Glyphosate poisoning should be taken seriously. It is part of the chemical Round-up that is used to spray our basic crops of corn, soy, sugar and wheat. Many of our basic grains are spray with this chemical. Glyphosate is the chemical that is used in the herbicide round-up. Essentially Round-up is sprayed in order to kill weeds around these crops. Enormous amounts of this weed killer round-up can be sprayed without killing crops because the crops are round-up ready or genetically engineered to resist the chemical. So it kills the weeds around the plant, and not the plant. According to research done by Stephanie Seneff Ph.D  – researcher at MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) glyphosate residues found on these crops and their by-products are carried into the food chain and disrupts the proper functioning of our bodies and cause diseases.glyphosate poisoning

I am particularly interested in glyphosate poisoning because of its’ link to leaky gut syndrome.  Glyphosate is essentially an antibiotic. The mechanism that allows it to kill the weeds is apparently allowing it to kill the good bacteria in your gut. It is said that “glyphosate causes extreme disruption of the microbe’s function and lifecycle.” “What’s worse, glyphosate preferentially affects beneficial bacteria, allowing pathogens to overgrow and take over”

This makes absolute sense and dovetails into what I have been saying all along about the leaky-gut syndrome and bad bacteria. I pointed out the bad effects of the overuse of antibiotics in our vaccines or use for the common cold. But now, we know that glyphosate is essentially an antibiotic (which makes perfect sense because it kills weeds) so when we eat foods that have been sprayed with round-up, we are killing good bacteria in our gut. The bad guys (bacteria) take over – eat away at the lining of the intestines and creates spaces or holes in our intestinal lining. So our children are being bombarded from all sides – the foods that they consume, (if it is not organic and GMO free) the antibiotics they are given directly by unscrupulous doctors for no good reason and the vaccines. (vaccines contain antibiotics to kill germs in the vaccines)

To prevent glyphosate poisoning of your children with Autism, it is imperative that you make the effort to feed them foods that are not genetically modified. It is important that you avoid supermarkets stacked with the cans and the boxes of foods with the 1000 year shelf life. If it is not certified organic, these cans and boxes have foods with by-products like soy lecithin from dangerous round-up ready soy that will give you the “wonderful gift” of glyphosate poisoning.