Ode to Trump


Trump on the stump

Looking bummed out, lost his bump

Expediency for Trump to be rid of the Chump

Lewandowski the thug still smug

In a tight race wanting to save face

Trump’s only choice was to give voice

Sanguinolent, prevalent – he must relent

Can he succeed without the steed?

Stoical, comical talking to the media

In the face of dismissal, projecting recusal

Kissing ass, kissing ass – bombastic, fantastic

Shake up? Make up!!

Ephemeral for sure, Lewandowski, reassured

Off to Cleveland

Harbinger of things to come!

Trump the Oaf – what a loaf

Idling time, spewing, chewing

Immigrants, Muslims day in day out

Shooting of his mouth – What a spout!

Guns, guns –  no plans, no sails, campaign

Run aground, run scared, run through

Political capital spent, but the ass will relent.


By: Politifeast

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