Mexican Immigrants forever the scapegoats

mexican immigrants forever the scapegoats

Mexican immigrants forever the scapegoats is unfair. We need to collectively reject this ongoing immoral thinking by leaders of our country. The corporate media and our country have never apologized for the dastardly program instituted during the Eisenhower administration in 1954 popularly known as “operation wetback”. California just recently apologized in 2012 for its role in deporting thousands of American citizens according to NPR (National Public Radio). This operation rounded up more than 1 million people.  One million or six million – the painful nature of such an operation is still valuable for examination so it does not happen again in world history.  Are the Mexicans less valuable?  Should we pretend that this holocaust did not take place. Obviously, America did forget and failed to exercise zero tolerance when Donald Trump suggested a program that will take us back to a time that many or our citizens would like to put behind us.

We neglected to take seriously the grave injustice which occurred over 50 years ago. Also, it occurred a little over ten years after the Jewish holocaust. What hypocrisy of the American government that we would criticize a Fascist in Germany, while doing the exact same thing to our own people. Don’t forget that American citizens of Mexican descent and Hispanic descent were rounded up and deported as well as illegal immigrants.  Are we allowed to draw comparisons to the Jewish holocaust? No. The word “holocaust has been co-opted by some, so we are not allowed to use the word to express our strong repulsion of an idea and the man who is putting forth this idea. Apparently, we do not mind making Mexican immigrants forever the scapegoats.

Because of this forgetfulness or lack of interest or racism, we are silent about a candidate for President suggesting a repetition of this program that destroyed families. The media skirted around the issue after the debates then moved on. We need a more forceful denouncement of Donald Trump and his suggestion to deport 11 million illegal immigrants. We have to reject the notion of” Mexican immigrants forever the scapegoats”.

If Trump becomes President and succeeds in moving the Mexicans and Muslims out of the country, it will be like a holocaust. It’s unfortunate that the Mexicans are scapegoated when there are illegals from all over the globe in America. The Muslims are scapegoated about terrorism when we have American (not Middle Eastern descent) terrorists in our midst. Timothy McVey comes to mind. Is he going to be more humane to the Slovenians than the Mexicans or the Nigerians? Or more humane to the Norwegians than to the Indonesians or Liberians? Is he going to be kinder to his Muslim friends from Dubai than the Egyptians or Jordanians?  This kind of differentiation will created divisions and hatred. Where would he place illegals as they wait in transit waiting to be thrown over the border? Concentration camps? Is that so far-fetched? Not really, because this has happened here in America not so long ago.

If Trump gets his way and his demagoguery takes root the Indian Sikhs might be identified as Muslims because they wear a head wrap. They could be sent off to the camps before they can defend themselves. Has he given any thought to the sheer magnitude of this operation? It appears that one of his cronies mentioned “operation wetback” as a solution illegal immigration, but in classic lazy, un-curious Donald Trump style he did not bother to do research. He did not bother to carefully review the suggestion and look at the context to understand that this was a different time. This kind of operation will not be successful today.  Back then the Hispanics did not have much political sway as they do now. They did not have the political clout. Because of change in demographics and the growing number of Hispanics in America, a politician has to tread lightly with this kind of rhetoric.

Of course, Trump being a goon does not know that. Does he understand the logistics, and the money required to pay the gestapo-like police for the operation? The disruption of businesses and families will be enormous. The fear will be palpable around the country. Is Donald thinking? No! Many mistakes were made during “operation wetback. Haven’t we learned anything? Why are some supporting such a divisive character who will revert to the “good old days?”

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