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Isolationist populist Donald Trump rhetoric and the general view that his views are the latest one in a long line of populism politics in America is an anachronism. Populism and isolationism goes against the grain of the movement of globalism and the New International Economic World Order that have been in the works for decades. Trump’s rhetoric has created a big following for him.  His supporters believe that he could snap his fingers and the jobs will be back. He blames the Mexican for job losses.  He claims that he will bring back jobs to America. This is a lie. He cannot do it and will not do it. Most of our representatives in congress are in agreement that this is where the world is headed.  I like to say that this train (free trade and globalism) has already left the station.

The idea of globalism started after World War II when the IMF (international Monetary Fund) and the Word Bank were created. These two institutions were created in response to currency devaluation by countries after the devastation of wars and conflict.  It was believed that the devastation of the war and currency devaluation created the Great Depression of the 1930’s.  Back then, there were no rules governing international trade. Countries were left to their own devices. They devalued their currencies to favor local business. This strategy was good for local manufacturing, by making it more expensive for their people to buy foreign imports.  A tit for tat situation occurred where each nation devalued its currency. This tactic resulted in inflation, weakening of economies protectionism and economic decline. Thus, the world powers decided to fix the system of international monetary exchange.

Fast forward to the end of the 20th century and the beginning of the 21st century we have seen NAFTA (North American Free Trade Agreement) come to pass in 1994 by Bill Clinton.  It was the Republicans under Reagan that free trade agreements took root (US/Canada Free Trade Law) which was a precursor to NAFTA (Clinton) CAFTA (Central American Free Trade Agreement) which was George Bush’s way of extending NAFTA. And now we have the TPP (Trans Pacific Partnership) (Obama, Hillary Clinton) This is a trade deal with 12 countries including the US.

Of course, since the early 1990’s millions of jobs have been lost because of trade agreements. Many say that these trade deals are not about traditional trading of goods –  imports and exports, but an investment strategy. It is about lower labor cost, lower environmental standards and lower taxes.  In some cases, corporations are given tax holidays. I remember learning and studying in college about structural adjustment programs in third world countries. These countries are asked to tighten their belts and lower their standard of living while big multi-national corporations particularly US corporations relocate and operate tax free.  Does the American people understand how unfair this is? Do we understand that it is America’s economic imperialism and heavy handedness in dealing with poorer countries that lead to illegal immigration?  Are we informed about this in the US? No. We blame the Mexicans for immigrating to the US to find jobs.  Is Donald Trump explaining the reason for this? The reason is very simple. If you have free trade between Mexico and American a staple like corn is now being dumped all over your country (Mexico) together with subsidizes, then farmers cannot compete, so they go out of business. The people who work on the farms are out of a job. They are left with no choice except to leave their farms and move North. When they move to the US these people are labelled as takers, wanting a handout. This is not true. The Mexicans are hard-working people who are forced to abandon their livelihood in their own country because of so called trade agreements.

Donald Trump, if he is so smart, can resolve that these trade agreements are a done deal. He could be truthful with his supporters by explaining to them that these manufacturing jobs are not coming back. He can explain that this is the new world economy or the New World Order. He can say that this phenomenon is about the American Empire in decline – that America has to foster partnership in order to continue to appear to be a world power.  He is the perfect person to present this truth as hard as it might be to swallow.  Because it appears that no matter what he says he is beloved by his followers.  If he is so smart and intelligent he could create a plan for these Americans who have been displaced by free-trade agreements- who have become bitter and angry because they cannot see a path to living a good life.  He can talk about sustaining the American way of life instead of isolating it. Maybe, he could promise free re-education in new technologies for all. He can explain that the new technologies of the future will be their path to freedom and prosperity. He can start the process of helping these people to understand that these kind of jobs are of the past. He can say that it is anachronistic – if they understand.  He can admit to his followers that the “I Love Lucy” chocolate factory scene kind of manufacturing job of the 1950’s no longer exist in the US. He should let them know that they should get their dumb asses back to school to learn robotics technology for instance.  But of course, Trump is not so smart, and he is not so honest.

Furthermore, Trump does not have the language to speak of such things. He is an expert in the language of insults and put downs but not foreign policy and global affairs. The Presidents who have negotiated these deals are both Republican and Democrat. Trump does not understand that the globalists/puppeteers/financiers who advise our Presidents on policy do not care about an American losing his/her job. We are engaged in wage slavery in the West. We don’t know this but it is true. This is the plan devised by the people who have major control over our lives – to make us so poor and depleted that we have to accept whatever form of slavery they impose on us. They make decisions that affect our lives without our input. Our lives take a turn for the worse and we wonder. They could care less about your dumb jobs. They don’t’ care if we eat dirt after the rain falls.

Trump is not the guy to fix our problems. Trump is not a revolutionary. There is actually nothing to fix with international trade. It’s done. And the new President has to continue with the agenda of this new economy. Trump does not know this now, but if he becomes President he will discover very quickly that he is powerless to change many things. Could Trump be the revolutionary?  Maybe. Could he throw out the bastards who are leading us back into slavery by leading a real revolution? Don’t think so. A four-year old man-child suffering from arrested development cannot undertake such a task.


 Socialism is not new to America

Socialism is not new to America. It will do us well to revisit its long history in America and some of the people who called themselves social democrats. My interest peeked when I listened to John Nichols of the Nation magazine talk about a New York congressman by the name of Meyer London. Meyer London was one of two congressmen elected to congress. London was elected in 1914 to New York’s 12th district. The other is a socialist from Wisconsin – Victor L. Berger elected to congress from Wisconsin’s 5th district in 1923.

Meyer London was involved in the International Ladies’ Garment Workers’ Union (ILGWU) – one of the largest labor unions in the US at that time. He was successful in a “struggle for higher wages and better working conditions.” He was the only congressman to vote against World War I. Isn’t it ironic that workers are still pleading for higher wages and good working conditions over one hundred years later? Why is the working class still crying out for higher wages? Big business succeeded in silencing the unions that support workers’ rights. They discourage and in some cases forbid union organizing in the workplace. A man like Meyer London who was popular and revered in his time will be labeled a socialist in our time. We are still arguing over whether we should go to war? What this tells us is that nothing has changed. This present state of affairs of the working class indicate to us that the capitalist structure and the one percent owners of production continue to oppress the rest of us. They continue to fabricate wars to fill their coffers while the poor working class continue to struggle for decent wages. Is this familiar to you?

The powers back then were successful in destroying London because they knew how to manipulate opposing interests. He was a Jew and anti-Zionist; he did not support the Balfour Declaration which proved disastrous for the Palestinians. The Zionists did not like him for this reason and the rich Jews did not like him because he was a socialist – meaning he was on the side of the working class. The religious Jews who appeared to be on the side of the Zionists claimed that he was not religious enough. In American politics opposing interests, lack of education and information by the electorate can easily destroy a good man with good intentions.

I think of Bernie Sanders, a good man, a humble man who means well. I believe that Bernie Sanders is one in a long line of civil rights pioneers – fighting the good fight. Will he be successful? All the signs point to success because at last capitalism has self-destruct. Many do not understand Bernie Sanders’ meteoric rise. You can liken it to a dormant volcano – the people bubbling, intense activity under the surface due to distress, lack of jobs, education and hope for their future. So Bernie Sanders comes along and what happens is a spontaneous reaction. Bernie Sanders ideas fit perfectly with the feeling, hopes and dreams of his supporters. It is aligned perfectly with socialist principles.

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