Donald Trump’s Brain

Donald Trumps’ Brain

Why is it that Donald Trump does not appear to have impulse control?  Well, I have been thinking and it dawned on me that I might have the answer.

I dare to propose here that Donald is sick. Sick in the gut. And sick in the gut is equal to sick in the brain.

Let’s examine Donald’s eating habits and you might agree that his brain is literally in his gut. You will agree that Trump’s temperament, his negative attitude, his irritability and inflamed demeanor, his inability to feel remorse for unethical behavior bespeaks a brain damaged human.

Over the past 15 years’ scientists concurred that the brain and gut is absolutely connected. My interest in this topic crystalized 11 years ago after my son was diagnosed with Autism. I discovered that my son had a leaky gut which meant that whenever he ate some of the undigested protein (peptides strings) passed the blood/brain barrier entered into his bloodstream and wreak havoc with his behavior. But this is not about my son.  And I am not going to explain leaky gut and how it works. This is about Donald Trump.

Donald Trump’s Brain

For many years’ scientists believed that the gut aka ENS (Enteric Nervous System) was about the releasing of enzymes that break down your food. Absorbing nutrients and elimination believed to be key roles of this system. This is true, but in addition to these functions, the ENS communicates with the CNS (Central Nervous System) which can have profound effects on our emotional behavior and sense of well-being.  Serotonin (NEURO-transmitter) – the feel good hormone and the neural pathway that deliver it to the brain BEGIN in the gut.  Tryptophan is the precursor to Serotonin.  You get tryptophan from your diet or from good bacteria in the gut that produce it. Tryptophan is present in most foods especially protein.  We all know about being accused of having too much Turkey at Thanksgiving when we dose off to sleep. Tryptophan is a relaxant.  If, however, you eat foods that are sprayed with Monsanto’s Round-up (genetically modified) which kills the good gut bacteria that produce tryptophan then there will be no feel good neuro-transmitter Serotonin.

I was stirred to write about this after I listened to Dr. Stephanie Seneff (MIT Computer Scientist and Researcher) and Dr. Molly Crockett – a neuro-scientist.  Seneff suspects and speculated that the rise in violent behavior and the shootings in America recently is due to lack of Serotonin. In America, we eat 25 percent of GMO’s produced, when we are only 5 percent of the world’s population.

I wrote at length about this. Visit my website at under the title “Monsanto Round-up” to read more about this topic.

Over the past months there has been talk about Donald Trump’s dietary habits.  It occurred to me that Donald might be suffering from leaky gut and/or irritable bowel syndrome. Why do I say this? Well, Donald is known for eating junk food like Oreos, pizza, hamburgers and French fries. Bacon and eggs for breakfast and red meat with a swig of diet soda for dinner. He celebrated his presumptive nominee status with a diet soda and McDonald’s hamburger.  Fast foods are depleted in nutrients because of over-processing. Fast foods are not real food. It is something created in the lab to look and taste like real food.  So, if fast food is the extent of his dietary tableau he must be in trouble. So, when Trump tells you that he is speaking from his gut – beware!! Gut - Donald Trump's Brain

Donald Trump presented a medical report some months ago to the American people which appeared to be written by his lawyer. He was given a clean bill of health by this doctor.  I disagree that Trump is “clean” because if one eats in this way, does not have a known exercise routine and gets four hours of sleep, it is just a matter of time before this lump of flesh comes crashing down.

I am definitely speculating here because I am not privy to everything that Donald Trump swallows. We the people are trying to understand how one could be so close to acquiring such a prestigious office and be foolish enough to do everything to sabotage it.  I believe that Donald Trump’s executive functioning skills are short-circuited.  He also lacks a working vocabulary to address the issues that are most important to the American people. So, he talks about a personal matter with a Judge of Mexican descent. Donald Trump is a tabularasa – empty – blank slate. Obviously, he failed to study the issues of our time to discuss in a coherent and rational way. So, in typical Trump fashion when words fail, just masturbate. It’s easy and quick.

The primary election has concluded, but he cannot switch to the general. He could be on the Autism Spectrum that was not diagnosed when he was a child. He wants to continue to play in the sandbox.  Wasn’t he given good marks for making up his bed very neatly when he was in military school?

I declare that Serotonin is not getting to Trump’s brain. The only explanation which no one is exploring is the dietary aspect of Donald.  Donald is unstable, prone to outbursts, irrational, petty, unforgiving, un-remorseful and vindictive. All of these are due to a lack of serotonin or low serotonin. If you are what you eat, then Donald Trump is a walking cesspool. So, when he spews you are going to be splattered with stench.

The reason this aspect of Donald is not being explored is due to companies like Monsanto, Dow Chemical, Bayer and others having a strangle-hold on our law makers. The media is sponsored and controlled by these companies so they are not going to report on this issue. This requires deep thinking, and the media people of today are not capable of that.

Donald Trump wants to be the President of these Unites States. I would like we the American people to demand a complete medical check-up of Donald Trump by a panel of doctors including, and especially a psychiatrist and a psychologist. He MUST also be examined by a neuropath. If he does not agree to this, he cannot be President.



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