So, they started up with the damn emails again. Does anyone believe that this is about some damn email? It isn’t. It’s a mirage, an illusion.

Why would Obama, Bill Clinton and Loretta Lynch allow Comey – FBI Director to commit such an unseemly act just before the election?  Diversion. Plain and simple.  But we the idiots are caught up by this shit one more time.  The media is leading the charge and we the fools are following blindly without any forethought.  When Bernie Sanders said that we should forget about the damn email he knew exactly where he was coming from. Bernie knows the intricacies of the fraud that we call the American democracy. He knew back then that the email is not the issue.

Hillary might just get some sympathy from voters. Attacked without solid proof of the commission of a criminal act? Cam anyone say that Hillary’s use of a private email caused some cataclysmic event?

Can we talk instead about Hillary’s direct involvement in the overthrow of Muammar Gaddafi – a duly elected leader of his country – a man beloved by his people? Can we talk about the fact that Hillary giggled at the murder of this man? Can we talk about the reason Gaddafi was killed by the good old US of A. Can we talk about Gaddafi’s demand of gold instead of dollars for his oil?  Can we talk about Gaddafi and Benghazi instead of the damn EMAIL?  Can we talk about the fact that America is on its last leg and breathing its last breath? We can talk a whole lot of negative shit about Hillary to make her lose this election and it is not the damn email!! If she were running against any other Republican she would lose. She is that sullied/messed up that she got Trump – the village idiot to run –  whispered in his ear. So, here we are – two false choices. Disgraceful.

And those of you who believe that Trump is the answer, I have a bridge to sell you in Brooklyn. You are also an idiot and out of touch.

So, is the feeble-minded Trump FOR Hillary?  Knowingly or unknowingly – I do believe this is the case. He must have some reward coming for this great work he is doing for Hillary.  How else can you explain Trump getting this far that he is two steps away from the Oval Office?  It’s abominable.  Hillary is such a false/default choice that only a Hilly Billy like Trump could make her look like an OK choice.

So, we go on and on and on about the freaking emails.  Infantile, obnoxious Trump accepted the bait and calmed down. He isn’t talking about rigged elections anymore – he praises Comey for re-opening the investigation.   FBI Comey ramped up the mirage – using Rudolph “Adolf” Guiliani as decoy only he did not know it. The toothy Guiliani – grinning with glee talking about having something up his sleeve was so hell bent on sticking it to Hillary, he did not realize that the bones he was given was worth less than the cesspool of crap stored in his large intestines.  Trump, the feeble-minded moron is happy and calm again – like a child who is given candy after making a fuss. The ass took the bait.  Is Trump a Clinton surrogate? Undercover?   Not out of the realm of possibility. This election season is that wacky!

Do we believe that the former President Bill Clinton, with his connections, and the guy in the White House now (Obama) who appointed the FBI Director are allowing this charade to go on without strategy in mind?  Do we believe that Obama is going to do ANYTHING to prevent the moron (Trump) from taking over the reins?  Yes, if you have any commonsense!  Do you think that Obama and his family want to stand at the door of the white house on January 20th together with the Trump family? To hand over the proverbial keys?  NEVER!! Unless, he is going to have a third term.  Throwing Hillary under the bus!! Possibly!

We are unaware of what our true rulers have in store for us – up in the air! Vague! Scary!

Will Obama have a third term? He is at 57% approval. Some weeks ago, Michele Obama, while speaking at a rally in Virginia furtively stood by as the crowd of students of that University shouted, “Four more years! Four more years!” Rumor has it that there will be no election this year and Obama will have a third term.  Why did Hillary get the shaft (or so it appears) by the FBI 1 week before the election?  Is Obama throwing Hillary under the bus? Is there a plan by the elites to give Obama a third term? We should know by now that this election and all elections –  the back and forth among the American people is nothing but a divide and conquer exercise.  Wake up! We the idiots have no control over the outcome of this fraud perpetrated by the politicians at the behest of their puppeteers. The Tri-lateral commission, Council on Foreign Relations, the Zionists, the Rockefellers, the Rothschild family are the pullers of the strings.  The sycophant politicians and want to be politicians like Trump are more than happy to oblige. And we the idiots just don’t get IT. We are their slaves – we walk around, not with chains around our legs and hands tied behind our backs but chains masterfully placed around our brains.  It is time that we wake up and stop indulging in illusions.

False flags unfurled

Soon enough, it’s rough

To know the truth, a sooth

Our destiny devised, revised?

By the unwise,

Stealthily they come and come.




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