Black voters and Hillary Clinton

 black voters and hillary clinton

Black voters and Hillary Clinton maintain a dysfunctional relationship that will continue to leave blacks behind. The Clintons speak to the childishness of black folk – their most important base. Even though Bernie Sander’s policies are more in tune with the needs of the black community, South Carolina gave Hillary the sympathy and guilt vote. Carolinians have assuaged the guilty feelings of 2008 when they supported Obama. People like James Clyburn – Congressman from South Carolina endorsed Hillary this time around. He did not in 2008 and he felt the vitriol of Bill Clinton for abandoning their plantation house as it burned in 2008.

Trump, on the other hand, is speaking to the white racists, intolerant elements in our society. The media claims that Trump’s supporters are angry – that their lives are not what they think it should be – that they are looking for a strong leader. I beg to differ. Trump’s supporters view him as an antidote to Barack Obama and his Presidency. They did not adjust to the idea of a black family in the White House. Most of them are pure ignorant racists.

They believe he is going to build a wall – a tall, tall wall to keep out the Mexicans. It’s like a nursery rhyme that you read to children to put them to sleep. It doesn’t matter if it is a fairy tale – it feels good. They believe him. His followers, like the Clinton’s followers are participants in hero worship. If Hillary and Trump become the nominees of their parties, it will prove that Americans are uninformed, sleep-walking, expressing knee-jerk reactions and are unworthy of any blessings and goodness.

Human development is about learning and growth. Initiative and hard work, failure, success, learning and moving forward are part and parcel of development. It’s  baffling that the American people and specifically blacks did not learn anything over the past twenty-four years since the Clintons came to power. Black voters and HIllary Clinton continue to walk in lock step.  They neglected to learn – to synthesize facts and information to make informed decisions. Is it to unreasonable to say that Black struggles for the past 50 years have not really resonated with these people? The Clintons are aware of the childishness of some black folk. The ecclesiastical mentality of black church folk – attachments to church teachings like forgiveness which the Clintons exploit to great effect. The ebonizing of Bill Clinton by Toni Morrison created hero worship of the Clintons and essentially immobilized some blacks. Black folk move around in circles – lost – looking for leadership. Like abandoned children they grab on to any coat tails that walk by.

black voters and hillary clinton

The Clintons have abandoned the black cause time and time again. Hillary makes many promises. People forget that she has been selling this snake oil for a long time. When I listened to the vast amount of promises made by Hillary Clinton 16 years ago when she announced her bid for the Senate representing New York, I wondered why someone would make so many promises that they know is impossible. Now, in this election year 2016 – the American people are now entrapped by the empty noise of Hillary. The dissonant sounds that spew from her lips and the rah, rah, rah of her supporters suppress careful listening. Hillary indicated many times as she moves around the country that she is not going to do anything when she enters the White House. She says, “I don’t want to make promises I can’t keep” Do we understand the meaning of what Hillary is telling us in this statement? She is asserting in advance that she is not going to do what she promised. She is saying that she is not even going to try – that she cannot do it. Hillary declares that she “wants to be held accountable.” Well, how can Hillary be held accountable for things she did not promise? How do you think this will end four years from now?

Still, the hodge-podge that she promises are the same things she promised 16 years ago. She claimed to be working on these issues for 30 years when she announced in 2000, so in total she has been “fighting for us” for a total of 46 years. Yet, Black voters and Hillary continue with this one-sided unfruitful relationship.

Are you wondering why it takes so long to accomplish simple needs and rights of the American people. She implies that the obstructionist behavior of the Republicans will prevent her from getting things done. How could we not see this clear admission of defeatism even before she receives the nomination. How stupid are we? I assume that once Hillary is elected to office she will, once again, be vulnerable to the request of big business and the wealthy class. She is inclined to corruption; she will quickly forget whatever she promised. Four years later she will return like the prodigal daughter to her abandoned children and they will forgive her again. Black voters and Hillary Clinton will continue in that slow walk that will end badly for black people.

Hillary likes to boast about her involvement with The Children’s Defense Fund. Marian Wright Edelman, Founder of the CDF speaks about Hillary in ungenerous terms about Bill Clinton’s Welfare Reform Bill. To paraphrase Mrs. Edelman, she said that they are not friends in politics talking about Hillary. She profoundly disagreed with the forms of the Welfare Reform Bill. Hillary, declared shamelessly that the Welfare Rolls had dropped 60%. Edelman continues that years after the Clintons were saying that Welfare Reform was a glowing success – there is growing child poverty – the poor are suffering. Peter Edelman – Assistant Secretary for Planning and Evaluation – husband of Mrs. Edelman – appointee of Bill Clinton and Mary Jo Bane – Assistant Secretary for Children and Families resigned over the Welfare Reform. This is how disappointed and disgusted they were about this Bill. Edelman wrote, “I have devoted the last 30 plus years to doing whatever I could to help in reducing poverty in America, I believe the recently enacted welfare bill goes in the opposite direction.” He indicated that it was a hatchet job. He said, we have 6 million people in this country whose only income is food stamps”. Not one to be deterred, Hillary moves ahead in her typical shameless manner talking about the Children’s Defense Fund. Black voters and Hillary Clinton move right along undeterred.

Despicable things resulted from the Clinton’s Welfare Reform. It ended the federal guarantee of cash assistance to the poor and turned welfare programs over to the state. Some might say that these people should go to work. Most of these people are not just poor but disabled and cannot work. Some of them are veterans. It is a false notion that people do not want to work. The public is misinformed about social programs. Ronald Reagan created the caricature of the Welfare Queen – Reagan said, ‘she has eighty names thirty addresses.” He said that she drives around in a Cadillac and other false and vile untruths. Clearly, corporate welfare is acceptable, but welfare of the poor and disabled is frowned upon. Was it not corporate welfare that caused the crash of 2007?

Needless to say this kind of thinking is immoral, cruel and evil. By passing Welfare Reform Bill Clinton essentially endorsed and continued the Reagan legacy on Welfare Reform. Reagan and Clinton believed in deferring to the States, so they could take control of the poor and put them to work. It is this kind of shortsightedness that gives us The Flint, Michigan water situation. Welfare Reform created the opposite of what was intended. The main reason why millions of people in the greatest country in the world are living on $2.00 per day. Shame on you South Carolina for voting for Hillary Clinton. The blacks who voted for Hillary in South Carolina – 87% or 89% of them should ask her to repeal Welfare Reform – to fix the immoral legislation that her husband enacted. Black folk should demand some form of reparations from Hillary,  then maybe black voters and Hillary Clinton could be absolved from the hurt they have caused by this alignment.

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