So, they started up with the damn emails again. Does anyone believe that this is about some damn email? It isn’t. It’s a mirage, an illusion.

Why would Obama, Bill Clinton and Loretta Lynch allow Comey – FBI Director to commit such an unseemly act just before the election?  Diversion. Plain and simple.  But we the idiots are caught up by this shit one more time.  The media is leading the charge and we the fools are following blindly without any forethought.  When Bernie Sanders said that we should forget about the damn email he knew exactly where he was coming from. Bernie knows the intricacies of the fraud that we call the American democracy. He knew back then that the email is not the issue.

Hillary might just get some sympathy from voters. Attacked without solid proof of the commission of a criminal act? Cam anyone say that Hillary’s use of a private email caused some cataclysmic event?

Can we talk instead about Hillary’s direct involvement in the overthrow of Muammar Gaddafi – a duly elected leader of his country – a man beloved by his people? Can we talk about the fact that Hillary giggled at the murder of this man? Can we talk about the reason Gaddafi was killed by the good old US of A. Can we talk about Gaddafi’s demand of gold instead of dollars for his oil?  Can we talk about Gaddafi and Benghazi instead of the damn EMAIL?  Can we talk about the fact that America is on its last leg and breathing its last breath? We can talk a whole lot of negative shit about Hillary to make her lose this election and it is not the damn email!! If she were running against any other Republican she would lose. She is that sullied/messed up that she got Trump – the village idiot to run –  whispered in his ear. So, here we are – two false choices. Disgraceful.

And those of you who believe that Trump is the answer, I have a bridge to sell you in Brooklyn. You are also an idiot and out of touch.

So, is the feeble-minded Trump FOR Hillary?  Knowingly or unknowingly – I do believe this is the case. He must have some reward coming for this great work he is doing for Hillary.  How else can you explain Trump getting this far that he is two steps away from the Oval Office?  It’s abominable.  Hillary is such a false/default choice that only a Hilly Billy like Trump could make her look like an OK choice.

So, we go on and on and on about the freaking emails.  Infantile, obnoxious Trump accepted the bait and calmed down. He isn’t talking about rigged elections anymore – he praises Comey for re-opening the investigation.   FBI Comey ramped up the mirage – using Rudolph “Adolf” Guiliani as decoy only he did not know it. The toothy Guiliani – grinning with glee talking about having something up his sleeve was so hell bent on sticking it to Hillary, he did not realize that the bones he was given was worth less than the cesspool of crap stored in his large intestines.  Trump, the feeble-minded moron is happy and calm again – like a child who is given candy after making a fuss. The ass took the bait.  Is Trump a Clinton surrogate? Undercover?   Not out of the realm of possibility. This election season is that wacky!

Do we believe that the former President Bill Clinton, with his connections, and the guy in the White House now (Obama) who appointed the FBI Director are allowing this charade to go on without strategy in mind?  Do we believe that Obama is going to do ANYTHING to prevent the moron (Trump) from taking over the reins?  Yes, if you have any commonsense!  Do you think that Obama and his family want to stand at the door of the white house on January 20th together with the Trump family? To hand over the proverbial keys?  NEVER!! Unless, he is going to have a third term.  Throwing Hillary under the bus!! Possibly!

We are unaware of what our true rulers have in store for us – up in the air! Vague! Scary!

Will Obama have a third term? He is at 57% approval. Some weeks ago, Michele Obama, while speaking at a rally in Virginia furtively stood by as the crowd of students of that University shouted, “Four more years! Four more years!” Rumor has it that there will be no election this year and Obama will have a third term.  Why did Hillary get the shaft (or so it appears) by the FBI 1 week before the election?  Is Obama throwing Hillary under the bus? Is there a plan by the elites to give Obama a third term? We should know by now that this election and all elections –  the back and forth among the American people is nothing but a divide and conquer exercise.  Wake up! We the idiots have no control over the outcome of this fraud perpetrated by the politicians at the behest of their puppeteers. The Tri-lateral commission, Council on Foreign Relations, the Zionists, the Rockefellers, the Rothschild family are the pullers of the strings.  The sycophant politicians and want to be politicians like Trump are more than happy to oblige. And we the idiots just don’t get IT. We are their slaves – we walk around, not with chains around our legs and hands tied behind our backs but chains masterfully placed around our brains.  It is time that we wake up and stop indulging in illusions.

False flags unfurled

Soon enough, it’s rough

To know the truth, a sooth

Our destiny devised, revised?

By the unwise,

Stealthily they come and come.




Isolationist Donald Trump


Isolationist populist Donald Trump rhetoric and the general view that his views are the latest one in a long line of populism politics in America is an anachronism. Populism and isolationism goes against the grain of the movement of globalism and the New International Economic World Order that have been in the works for decades. Trump’s rhetoric has created a big following for him.  His supporters believe that he could snap his fingers and the jobs will be back. He blames the Mexican for job losses.  He claims that he will bring back jobs to America. This is a lie. He cannot do it and will not do it. Most of our representatives in congress are in agreement that this is where the world is headed.  I like to say that this train (free trade and globalism) has already left the station.

The idea of globalism started after World War II when the IMF (international Monetary Fund) and the Word Bank were created. These two institutions were created in response to currency devaluation by countries after the devastation of wars and conflict.  It was believed that the devastation of the war and currency devaluation created the Great Depression of the 1930’s.  Back then, there were no rules governing international trade. Countries were left to their own devices. They devalued their currencies to favor local business. This strategy was good for local manufacturing, by making it more expensive for their people to buy foreign imports.  A tit for tat situation occurred where each nation devalued its currency. This tactic resulted in inflation, weakening of economies protectionism and economic decline. Thus, the world powers decided to fix the system of international monetary exchange.

Fast forward to the end of the 20th century and the beginning of the 21st century we have seen NAFTA (North American Free Trade Agreement) come to pass in 1994 by Bill Clinton.  It was the Republicans under Reagan that free trade agreements took root (US/Canada Free Trade Law) which was a precursor to NAFTA (Clinton) CAFTA (Central American Free Trade Agreement) which was George Bush’s way of extending NAFTA. And now we have the TPP (Trans Pacific Partnership) (Obama, Hillary Clinton) This is a trade deal with 12 countries including the US.

Of course, since the early 1990’s millions of jobs have been lost because of trade agreements. Many say that these trade deals are not about traditional trading of goods –  imports and exports, but an investment strategy. It is about lower labor cost, lower environmental standards and lower taxes.  In some cases, corporations are given tax holidays. I remember learning and studying in college about structural adjustment programs in third world countries. These countries are asked to tighten their belts and lower their standard of living while big multi-national corporations particularly US corporations relocate and operate tax free.  Does the American people understand how unfair this is? Do we understand that it is America’s economic imperialism and heavy handedness in dealing with poorer countries that lead to illegal immigration?  Are we informed about this in the US? No. We blame the Mexicans for immigrating to the US to find jobs.  Is Donald Trump explaining the reason for this? The reason is very simple. If you have free trade between Mexico and American a staple like corn is now being dumped all over your country (Mexico) together with subsidizes, then farmers cannot compete, so they go out of business. The people who work on the farms are out of a job. They are left with no choice except to leave their farms and move North. When they move to the US these people are labelled as takers, wanting a handout. This is not true. The Mexicans are hard-working people who are forced to abandon their livelihood in their own country because of so called trade agreements.

Donald Trump, if he is so smart, can resolve that these trade agreements are a done deal. He could be truthful with his supporters by explaining to them that these manufacturing jobs are not coming back. He can explain that this is the new world economy or the New World Order. He can say that this phenomenon is about the American Empire in decline – that America has to foster partnership in order to continue to appear to be a world power.  He is the perfect person to present this truth as hard as it might be to swallow.  Because it appears that no matter what he says he is beloved by his followers.  If he is so smart and intelligent he could create a plan for these Americans who have been displaced by free-trade agreements- who have become bitter and angry because they cannot see a path to living a good life.  He can talk about sustaining the American way of life instead of isolating it. Maybe, he could promise free re-education in new technologies for all. He can explain that the new technologies of the future will be their path to freedom and prosperity. He can start the process of helping these people to understand that these kind of jobs are of the past. He can say that it is anachronistic – if they understand.  He can admit to his followers that the “I Love Lucy” chocolate factory scene kind of manufacturing job of the 1950’s no longer exist in the US. He should let them know that they should get their dumb asses back to school to learn robotics technology for instance.  But of course, Trump is not so smart, and he is not so honest.

Furthermore, Trump does not have the language to speak of such things. He is an expert in the language of insults and put downs but not foreign policy and global affairs. The Presidents who have negotiated these deals are both Republican and Democrat. Trump does not understand that the globalists/puppeteers/financiers who advise our Presidents on policy do not care about an American losing his/her job. We are engaged in wage slavery in the West. We don’t know this but it is true. This is the plan devised by the people who have major control over our lives – to make us so poor and depleted that we have to accept whatever form of slavery they impose on us. They make decisions that affect our lives without our input. Our lives take a turn for the worse and we wonder. They could care less about your dumb jobs. They don’t’ care if we eat dirt after the rain falls.

Trump is not the guy to fix our problems. Trump is not a revolutionary. There is actually nothing to fix with international trade. It’s done. And the new President has to continue with the agenda of this new economy. Trump does not know this now, but if he becomes President he will discover very quickly that he is powerless to change many things. Could Trump be the revolutionary?  Maybe. Could he throw out the bastards who are leading us back into slavery by leading a real revolution? Don’t think so. A four-year old man-child suffering from arrested development cannot undertake such a task.


 Socialism is not new to America

Socialism is not new to America. It will do us well to revisit its long history in America and some of the people who called themselves social democrats. My interest peeked when I listened to John Nichols of the Nation magazine talk about a New York congressman by the name of Meyer London. Meyer London was one of two congressmen elected to congress. London was elected in 1914 to New York’s 12th district. The other is a socialist from Wisconsin – Victor L. Berger elected to congress from Wisconsin’s 5th district in 1923.

Meyer London was involved in the International Ladies’ Garment Workers’ Union (ILGWU) – one of the largest labor unions in the US at that time. He was successful in a “struggle for higher wages and better working conditions.” He was the only congressman to vote against World War I. Isn’t it ironic that workers are still pleading for higher wages and good working conditions over one hundred years later? Why is the working class still crying out for higher wages? Big business succeeded in silencing the unions that support workers’ rights. They discourage and in some cases forbid union organizing in the workplace. A man like Meyer London who was popular and revered in his time will be labeled a socialist in our time. We are still arguing over whether we should go to war? What this tells us is that nothing has changed. This present state of affairs of the working class indicate to us that the capitalist structure and the one percent owners of production continue to oppress the rest of us. They continue to fabricate wars to fill their coffers while the poor working class continue to struggle for decent wages. Is this familiar to you?

The powers back then were successful in destroying London because they knew how to manipulate opposing interests. He was a Jew and anti-Zionist; he did not support the Balfour Declaration which proved disastrous for the Palestinians. The Zionists did not like him for this reason and the rich Jews did not like him because he was a socialist – meaning he was on the side of the working class. The religious Jews who appeared to be on the side of the Zionists claimed that he was not religious enough. In American politics opposing interests, lack of education and information by the electorate can easily destroy a good man with good intentions.

I think of Bernie Sanders, a good man, a humble man who means well. I believe that Bernie Sanders is one in a long line of civil rights pioneers – fighting the good fight. Will he be successful? All the signs point to success because at last capitalism has self-destruct. Many do not understand Bernie Sanders’ meteoric rise. You can liken it to a dormant volcano – the people bubbling, intense activity under the surface due to distress, lack of jobs, education and hope for their future. So Bernie Sanders comes along and what happens is a spontaneous reaction. Bernie Sanders ideas fit perfectly with the feeling, hopes and dreams of his supporters. It is aligned perfectly with socialist principles.

white privilege, american racism

white privilege and american racism

White privilege and American racism benefit Donald Trump. If he were not suffering from white privilege, he would have stopped himself by now. Or, maybe the media would do it. He should have been denounced four years ago when he disrespected the President of the United States by questioning his educational credentials and the place of his birth.

Donald Trump is the beneficiary of over 300 years of de facto laws that created a rift between whites and blacks. The poor uneducated whites in the north and especially the south who support Trump believe that they are higher up on the totem pole. They refuse to align themselves with the poor and working class of all races to improve their station in life. They vote against their own self-interest. How dumb is that! White privilege and American racism and everything that sprouted from that stain is coming to the fore in the age of Trump. Like a volcano, racism in America is uncertain. We don’t know for sure if and when it is going to be active, dormant or extinct. Some Americans short-sightedly believe that racism was over when Barack Obama became President. Those people are grasping at straws. They live in denial and do not want to face the stink of white privilege and racism in this country. They want a quick, easy answer to this perennial problem of racism. They got the “eggs on one’s face” treatment because the volcano of racism came to the surface during the Obama years and it has exploded now during the age of Trump.

During the Obama years we witness the obstructionist attitude of the Republicans in Congress. We know that Mitch McConnell – Senator from Kentucky promised to make sure that Obama is a one term President. We are aware of the insults and disrespect that Obama endured. Classic knee-jerk, subconscious white privilege and American racism in action. It is clear that the only reason Obama was treated in this way was the absolute, undeniable fact that he is a black man.

Corporate media claim that Donald Trump is receiving a wide cross-section of votes. This is due to mob mentality, where people are swept up by the spectacle – the wave moving around them. The saying that the “masses are asses” rings true in this case. Even some of the educated can become victim to such a frenzy. This is why America is not a true democracy.  The founding fathers made sure to create the electoral college system. The delegates and super delegates systems are stopper systems to prevent the goons from taking over. This will allow the sane and the educated to make the final decision.

white privilege and american racism

Five years ago, Donald Trump presented himself as a hoodlum and a hooligan. He challenged, contested, and queried the President’s legitimacy – not just the office he held, but even the essence of his being. Did the Republican establishment reject his notions of racism and unfairness? Did they show any hint of disapproval for this kind of behavior – even on moral grounds? No. They did not. Now, the chickens are coming home to roost and the Republican party establishment is beside itself. They cannot believe that Trump could be the nominee. If it occurs to them that they also contributed to the demagogue Donald Trump we will never know because they appear too embarrass to declare it. Why did they not run Donald out of town five years ago? They did not believe that a carnival barker/entertainer could get this far.

When Ben Carson asserted that the Chinese were in Syria the media circled the wagons and portrayed him as a candidate who is delusional and out of touch. He is essentially not a viable candidate for the nomination anymore. His demise was swift and tactical like a military take down. God knows that the powers do not want to see another pair of black legs walking into the oval office in 2017. Is Donald Trump half as smart and intelligent as Ben Carson? Ben Carson is not a politician, but because he is a smart and a humble character the potential is there for education and learning. (After all, the constitution only requires two qualifications to be President – an age and a citizenship requirement.)

Donald Trump, on the other hand is arrogant and bombastic. He is pretentious and pompous. He is not interested in educating himself. He is an obvious victim of a certain pathology that was not addressed during his life. Yet, he is ahead in the polls – he is winning. Is it white privilege that such a bonafide ass can be the Republican nominee? Yes. Highly possible. Is it white privilege that is preventing scrutiny by the media of his policies or non-policies? Is it white privilege that he is tolerated by the electorate as he is unable to tie two sentences together to present a coherent thought?

Even though some Republican and Democrats have acknowledged his deficiencies, he will go on. He will not be run out of town. Whether it is his feeling of entitlement, his perceived money or his privileged whiteness, he will carry on. The racists will go on supporting him. He will continue to move to the edge because he is “blinded by the white”. He knows on a subconscious level that he can get away with being a hateful, arrogant, low life human. Something that Barack Obama or any black man cannot get away with. White privilege and American racism would not  tolerate it.  In the end, I believe that Donald Trump will destroy himself. His lack of humility, wisdom and a certain understanding will be his downfall.

When I look at Donald Trump I see a jealous, vindictive, arrogant little fellow. He will continue to be ever present. He will continue to masturbate and spew his hatred.

Ode to Trump


Trump on the stump

Looking bummed out, lost his bump

Expediency for Trump to be rid of the Chump

Lewandowski the thug still smug

In a tight race wanting to save face

Trump’s only choice was to give voice

Sanguinolent, prevalent – he must relent

Can he succeed without the steed?

Stoical, comical talking to the media

In the face of dismissal, projecting recusal

Kissing ass, kissing ass – bombastic, fantastic

Shake up? Make up!!

Ephemeral for sure, Lewandowski, reassured

Off to Cleveland

Harbinger of things to come!

Trump the Oaf – what a loaf

Idling time, spewing, chewing

Immigrants, Muslims day in day out

Shooting of his mouth – What a spout!

Guns, guns –  no plans, no sails, campaign

Run aground, run scared, run through

Political capital spent, but the ass will relent.


By: Politifeast

Black voters and Hillary Clinton

 black voters and hillary clinton

Black voters and Hillary Clinton maintain a dysfunctional relationship that will continue to leave blacks behind. The Clintons speak to the childishness of black folk – their most important base. Even though Bernie Sander’s policies are more in tune with the needs of the black community, South Carolina gave Hillary the sympathy and guilt vote. Carolinians have assuaged the guilty feelings of 2008 when they supported Obama. People like James Clyburn – Congressman from South Carolina endorsed Hillary this time around. He did not in 2008 and he felt the vitriol of Bill Clinton for abandoning their plantation house as it burned in 2008.

Trump, on the other hand, is speaking to the white racists, intolerant elements in our society. The media claims that Trump’s supporters are angry – that their lives are not what they think it should be – that they are looking for a strong leader. I beg to differ. Trump’s supporters view him as an antidote to Barack Obama and his Presidency. They did not adjust to the idea of a black family in the White House. Most of them are pure ignorant racists.

They believe he is going to build a wall – a tall, tall wall to keep out the Mexicans. It’s like a nursery rhyme that you read to children to put them to sleep. It doesn’t matter if it is a fairy tale – it feels good. They believe him. His followers, like the Clinton’s followers are participants in hero worship. If Hillary and Trump become the nominees of their parties, it will prove that Americans are uninformed, sleep-walking, expressing knee-jerk reactions and are unworthy of any blessings and goodness.

Human development is about learning and growth. Initiative and hard work, failure, success, learning and moving forward are part and parcel of development. It’s  baffling that the American people and specifically blacks did not learn anything over the past twenty-four years since the Clintons came to power. Black voters and HIllary Clinton continue to walk in lock step.  They neglected to learn – to synthesize facts and information to make informed decisions. Is it to unreasonable to say that Black struggles for the past 50 years have not really resonated with these people? The Clintons are aware of the childishness of some black folk. The ecclesiastical mentality of black church folk – attachments to church teachings like forgiveness which the Clintons exploit to great effect. The ebonizing of Bill Clinton by Toni Morrison created hero worship of the Clintons and essentially immobilized some blacks. Black folk move around in circles – lost – looking for leadership. Like abandoned children they grab on to any coat tails that walk by.

black voters and hillary clinton

The Clintons have abandoned the black cause time and time again. Hillary makes many promises. People forget that she has been selling this snake oil for a long time. When I listened to the vast amount of promises made by Hillary Clinton 16 years ago when she announced her bid for the Senate representing New York, I wondered why someone would make so many promises that they know is impossible. Now, in this election year 2016 – the American people are now entrapped by the empty noise of Hillary. The dissonant sounds that spew from her lips and the rah, rah, rah of her supporters suppress careful listening. Hillary indicated many times as she moves around the country that she is not going to do anything when she enters the White House. She says, “I don’t want to make promises I can’t keep” Do we understand the meaning of what Hillary is telling us in this statement? She is asserting in advance that she is not going to do what she promised. She is saying that she is not even going to try – that she cannot do it. Hillary declares that she “wants to be held accountable.” Well, how can Hillary be held accountable for things she did not promise? How do you think this will end four years from now?

Still, the hodge-podge that she promises are the same things she promised 16 years ago. She claimed to be working on these issues for 30 years when she announced in 2000, so in total she has been “fighting for us” for a total of 46 years. Yet, Black voters and Hillary continue with this one-sided unfruitful relationship.

Are you wondering why it takes so long to accomplish simple needs and rights of the American people. She implies that the obstructionist behavior of the Republicans will prevent her from getting things done. How could we not see this clear admission of defeatism even before she receives the nomination. How stupid are we? I assume that once Hillary is elected to office she will, once again, be vulnerable to the request of big business and the wealthy class. She is inclined to corruption; she will quickly forget whatever she promised. Four years later she will return like the prodigal daughter to her abandoned children and they will forgive her again. Black voters and Hillary Clinton will continue in that slow walk that will end badly for black people.

Hillary likes to boast about her involvement with The Children’s Defense Fund. Marian Wright Edelman, Founder of the CDF speaks about Hillary in ungenerous terms about Bill Clinton’s Welfare Reform Bill. To paraphrase Mrs. Edelman, she said that they are not friends in politics talking about Hillary. She profoundly disagreed with the forms of the Welfare Reform Bill. Hillary, declared shamelessly that the Welfare Rolls had dropped 60%. Edelman continues that years after the Clintons were saying that Welfare Reform was a glowing success – there is growing child poverty – the poor are suffering. Peter Edelman – Assistant Secretary for Planning and Evaluation – husband of Mrs. Edelman – appointee of Bill Clinton and Mary Jo Bane – Assistant Secretary for Children and Families resigned over the Welfare Reform. This is how disappointed and disgusted they were about this Bill. Edelman wrote, “I have devoted the last 30 plus years to doing whatever I could to help in reducing poverty in America, I believe the recently enacted welfare bill goes in the opposite direction.” He indicated that it was a hatchet job. He said, we have 6 million people in this country whose only income is food stamps”. Not one to be deterred, Hillary moves ahead in her typical shameless manner talking about the Children’s Defense Fund. Black voters and Hillary Clinton move right along undeterred.

Despicable things resulted from the Clinton’s Welfare Reform. It ended the federal guarantee of cash assistance to the poor and turned welfare programs over to the state. Some might say that these people should go to work. Most of these people are not just poor but disabled and cannot work. Some of them are veterans. It is a false notion that people do not want to work. The public is misinformed about social programs. Ronald Reagan created the caricature of the Welfare Queen – Reagan said, ‘she has eighty names thirty addresses.” He said that she drives around in a Cadillac and other false and vile untruths. Clearly, corporate welfare is acceptable, but welfare of the poor and disabled is frowned upon. Was it not corporate welfare that caused the crash of 2007?

Needless to say this kind of thinking is immoral, cruel and evil. By passing Welfare Reform Bill Clinton essentially endorsed and continued the Reagan legacy on Welfare Reform. Reagan and Clinton believed in deferring to the States, so they could take control of the poor and put them to work. It is this kind of shortsightedness that gives us The Flint, Michigan water situation. Welfare Reform created the opposite of what was intended. The main reason why millions of people in the greatest country in the world are living on $2.00 per day. Shame on you South Carolina for voting for Hillary Clinton. The blacks who voted for Hillary in South Carolina – 87% or 89% of them should ask her to repeal Welfare Reform – to fix the immoral legislation that her husband enacted. Black folk should demand some form of reparations from Hillary,  then maybe black voters and Hillary Clinton could be absolved from the hurt they have caused by this alignment.

Mexican Immigrants forever the scapegoats

mexican immigrants forever the scapegoats

Mexican immigrants forever the scapegoats is unfair. We need to collectively reject this ongoing immoral thinking by leaders of our country. The corporate media and our country have never apologized for the dastardly program instituted during the Eisenhower administration in 1954 popularly known as “operation wetback”. California just recently apologized in 2012 for its role in deporting thousands of American citizens according to NPR (National Public Radio). This operation rounded up more than 1 million people.  One million or six million – the painful nature of such an operation is still valuable for examination so it does not happen again in world history.  Are the Mexicans less valuable?  Should we pretend that this holocaust did not take place. Obviously, America did forget and failed to exercise zero tolerance when Donald Trump suggested a program that will take us back to a time that many or our citizens would like to put behind us.

We neglected to take seriously the grave injustice which occurred over 50 years ago. Also, it occurred a little over ten years after the Jewish holocaust. What hypocrisy of the American government that we would criticize a Fascist in Germany, while doing the exact same thing to our own people. Don’t forget that American citizens of Mexican descent and Hispanic descent were rounded up and deported as well as illegal immigrants.  Are we allowed to draw comparisons to the Jewish holocaust? No. The word “holocaust has been co-opted by some, so we are not allowed to use the word to express our strong repulsion of an idea and the man who is putting forth this idea. Apparently, we do not mind making Mexican immigrants forever the scapegoats.

Because of this forgetfulness or lack of interest or racism, we are silent about a candidate for President suggesting a repetition of this program that destroyed families. The media skirted around the issue after the debates then moved on. We need a more forceful denouncement of Donald Trump and his suggestion to deport 11 million illegal immigrants. We have to reject the notion of” Mexican immigrants forever the scapegoats”.

If Trump becomes President and succeeds in moving the Mexicans and Muslims out of the country, it will be like a holocaust. It’s unfortunate that the Mexicans are scapegoated when there are illegals from all over the globe in America. The Muslims are scapegoated about terrorism when we have American (not Middle Eastern descent) terrorists in our midst. Timothy McVey comes to mind. Is he going to be more humane to the Slovenians than the Mexicans or the Nigerians? Or more humane to the Norwegians than to the Indonesians or Liberians? Is he going to be kinder to his Muslim friends from Dubai than the Egyptians or Jordanians?  This kind of differentiation will created divisions and hatred. Where would he place illegals as they wait in transit waiting to be thrown over the border? Concentration camps? Is that so far-fetched? Not really, because this has happened here in America not so long ago.

If Trump gets his way and his demagoguery takes root the Indian Sikhs might be identified as Muslims because they wear a head wrap. They could be sent off to the camps before they can defend themselves. Has he given any thought to the sheer magnitude of this operation? It appears that one of his cronies mentioned “operation wetback” as a solution illegal immigration, but in classic lazy, un-curious Donald Trump style he did not bother to do research. He did not bother to carefully review the suggestion and look at the context to understand that this was a different time. This kind of operation will not be successful today.  Back then the Hispanics did not have much political sway as they do now. They did not have the political clout. Because of change in demographics and the growing number of Hispanics in America, a politician has to tread lightly with this kind of rhetoric.

Of course, Trump being a goon does not know that. Does he understand the logistics, and the money required to pay the gestapo-like police for the operation? The disruption of businesses and families will be enormous. The fear will be palpable around the country. Is Donald thinking? No! Many mistakes were made during “operation wetback. Haven’t we learned anything? Why are some supporting such a divisive character who will revert to the “good old days?”

Donald Trump’s Brain

Donald Trumps’ Brain

Why is it that Donald Trump does not appear to have impulse control?  Well, I have been thinking and it dawned on me that I might have the answer.

I dare to propose here that Donald is sick. Sick in the gut. And sick in the gut is equal to sick in the brain.

Let’s examine Donald’s eating habits and you might agree that his brain is literally in his gut. You will agree that Trump’s temperament, his negative attitude, his irritability and inflamed demeanor, his inability to feel remorse for unethical behavior bespeaks a brain damaged human.

Over the past 15 years’ scientists concurred that the brain and gut is absolutely connected. My interest in this topic crystalized 11 years ago after my son was diagnosed with Autism. I discovered that my son had a leaky gut which meant that whenever he ate some of the undigested protein (peptides strings) passed the blood/brain barrier entered into his bloodstream and wreak havoc with his behavior. But this is not about my son.  And I am not going to explain leaky gut and how it works. This is about Donald Trump.

Donald Trump’s Brain

For many years’ scientists believed that the gut aka ENS (Enteric Nervous System) was about the releasing of enzymes that break down your food. Absorbing nutrients and elimination believed to be key roles of this system. This is true, but in addition to these functions, the ENS communicates with the CNS (Central Nervous System) which can have profound effects on our emotional behavior and sense of well-being.  Serotonin (NEURO-transmitter) – the feel good hormone and the neural pathway that deliver it to the brain BEGIN in the gut.  Tryptophan is the precursor to Serotonin.  You get tryptophan from your diet or from good bacteria in the gut that produce it. Tryptophan is present in most foods especially protein.  We all know about being accused of having too much Turkey at Thanksgiving when we dose off to sleep. Tryptophan is a relaxant.  If, however, you eat foods that are sprayed with Monsanto’s Round-up (genetically modified) which kills the good gut bacteria that produce tryptophan then there will be no feel good neuro-transmitter Serotonin.

I was stirred to write about this after I listened to Dr. Stephanie Seneff (MIT Computer Scientist and Researcher) and Dr. Molly Crockett – a neuro-scientist.  Seneff suspects and speculated that the rise in violent behavior and the shootings in America recently is due to lack of Serotonin. In America, we eat 25 percent of GMO’s produced, when we are only 5 percent of the world’s population.

I wrote at length about this. Visit my website at under the title “Monsanto Round-up” to read more about this topic.

Over the past months there has been talk about Donald Trump’s dietary habits.  It occurred to me that Donald might be suffering from leaky gut and/or irritable bowel syndrome. Why do I say this? Well, Donald is known for eating junk food like Oreos, pizza, hamburgers and French fries. Bacon and eggs for breakfast and red meat with a swig of diet soda for dinner. He celebrated his presumptive nominee status with a diet soda and McDonald’s hamburger.  Fast foods are depleted in nutrients because of over-processing. Fast foods are not real food. It is something created in the lab to look and taste like real food.  So, if fast food is the extent of his dietary tableau he must be in trouble. So, when Trump tells you that he is speaking from his gut – beware!! Gut - Donald Trump's Brain

Donald Trump presented a medical report some months ago to the American people which appeared to be written by his lawyer. He was given a clean bill of health by this doctor.  I disagree that Trump is “clean” because if one eats in this way, does not have a known exercise routine and gets four hours of sleep, it is just a matter of time before this lump of flesh comes crashing down.

I am definitely speculating here because I am not privy to everything that Donald Trump swallows. We the people are trying to understand how one could be so close to acquiring such a prestigious office and be foolish enough to do everything to sabotage it.  I believe that Donald Trump’s executive functioning skills are short-circuited.  He also lacks a working vocabulary to address the issues that are most important to the American people. So, he talks about a personal matter with a Judge of Mexican descent. Donald Trump is a tabularasa – empty – blank slate. Obviously, he failed to study the issues of our time to discuss in a coherent and rational way. So, in typical Trump fashion when words fail, just masturbate. It’s easy and quick.

The primary election has concluded, but he cannot switch to the general. He could be on the Autism Spectrum that was not diagnosed when he was a child. He wants to continue to play in the sandbox.  Wasn’t he given good marks for making up his bed very neatly when he was in military school?

I declare that Serotonin is not getting to Trump’s brain. The only explanation which no one is exploring is the dietary aspect of Donald.  Donald is unstable, prone to outbursts, irrational, petty, unforgiving, un-remorseful and vindictive. All of these are due to a lack of serotonin or low serotonin. If you are what you eat, then Donald Trump is a walking cesspool. So, when he spews you are going to be splattered with stench.

The reason this aspect of Donald is not being explored is due to companies like Monsanto, Dow Chemical, Bayer and others having a strangle-hold on our law makers. The media is sponsored and controlled by these companies so they are not going to report on this issue. This requires deep thinking, and the media people of today are not capable of that.

Donald Trump wants to be the President of these Unites States. I would like we the American people to demand a complete medical check-up of Donald Trump by a panel of doctors including, and especially a psychiatrist and a psychologist. He MUST also be examined by a neuropath. If he does not agree to this, he cannot be President.



Quadracel vaccine

Quadracel vaccine

The Quadracel vaccine is the newest cocktail of vaccines since the MMR combination and Daptacel (Diptheria, Acellular Pertussis- DTap) This is worse however, because it consists of four vaccines – pertussis, polio, diptheria and tetanus.  The Quadracel vaccine is manufactured by a drug company by the name Sanofi Pasteur – the largest manufacturer of vaccines in the world. This is their solution to the concerns of parents that vaccinations should be spread out over a longer period. Or, that there should be less vaccinations not more. The vaccine was approved on March 24, 2015 and according to the FDA and the manufacturer this vaccine would reduce the amount of vaccine injections children would need. They are right about the injections because instead of four injections you will have one. This does not alleviate the concerns of parents about too many vaccines. This is not about the amount of injections; it is about the amount of vaccines.  Vaccines are fine if you are in good health and your immune system is strong.  The so called experts affirm that having  a vaccine does not mean you will not contract the disease. Vaccines can have the opposite effect if you have a weakened immune system or if the viruses escape past the antibodies and make you sick.

Quadracel vaccine

Quadracel vaccineVaccines can cause allergic reactions. The FDA has conceded this fact. They state that “no vaccine is 100 percent effective in preventing disease or 100 percent safe in all individuals. Most side effects of vaccines are usually minor and short-lived. For example, a person may feel soreness at the injection site or experience a mild fever. Serious vaccine reactions are extremely rare, but they can happen.”  A mild fever would be a good thing if this is what happens in some cases, but worse things have happened to children and continue to happen as the FDA and the CDC continue unabated to approve these vaccine cocktails. Children have had serious complications like Autism from the MMR vaccine. Now they give us another concoction.  The FDA has stated that Encephalopathy (e.g coma, decreased level of consciousness, prolonged seizures) could be a side effect of Quadracel within 7 days of a previous dose of a pertussis containing vaccine that is not attributable to another cause. They indicated that severe allergic reactions (e.g. anaphylaxis) can occur with this vaccine. Is it not incumbent upon us to weigh the risks and benefits more carefully? Should we not be more selective and not do a one size fits all approach?  The risks do not outweigh the benefits when it’s your child who gets a seizure.

Monsanto Round-up

Monsanto Round-up

Imagine for a moment that you could be under the influence of Monsanto Round-up (Glyphosate) pesticide and prone to violent behavior. We cannot be sure that the rising gun violence is the result of mental illness.  If it’s the case can we have an honest examination to find out the root cause?  This means looking at genetic inborn errors, biological and environmental causes.  Solving this puzzle takes an honest discussion about the rise in irrational gun violence and irrational behavior in general. We might not like what we discover. So, we babble about symptoms instead of trying to find the root cause.

Whenever a shooting occurs, the media and politicians claim the cause is a lack of proper gun laws. The media posit that the cause is mental illness. They assert that guns should not be in the hands of the mentally ill.

Within the past 10 years irrational gun violence has increased. The media outcry about easy access to guns pull us in temporarily. They want checks on manufacturers and gun shows. Recently, the pundits and politicians have been talking about the mental health of the individuals who commit these crimes. The question is, how do they know that these people have mental problems?  Have they just asserted this without any evidence because this is the default thinking nowadays?  The fact is we do not know the individuals and the real motivation behind their violence.

Is it correct to assert that guns are the cause of the rampant gun violence that we have seen over the past 5-10 years in America? Or, is there an invisible hand operating behind the gun? Is it an overwhelming irrational mind driven by environmental factors working with our biology that is the motivating factor?

The United States is not the only country with mentally ill people, nor is it the only country with guns. However, we are excessively violent. Cities like Chicago and Milwaukee have seen an increase in the homicide rates in 2015. Milwaukee more than doubled the homicide rate of 41 from last year 2104 to 84 in 2015 according to an article n USA Today. They continued, “In Chicago, the nation’s third-largest city, the homicide toll climbed 19% and the number of shooting incidents increased by 21% during the first half of the year.” This statistic is more or less repeated in many cities across America.

Strict constitutionalists who are against gun regulations, simplistically declare “that guns don’t kill people, people kill people”. They are correct.  If the intention and motivation to kill are overwhelming you can proceed with a knife, a machete, an ax, a two by four, a cast iron frying pan, a car or just pure brute force with your hands. These multi-use instruments can pulverize and kill someone if the person who is inflicting the assault has the anger and adrenaline to match.

We can agree that you do not need a gun to kill.  Anger, depression, anxiety and marginalization are motivating factors behind any kind of violence. These factors together with any of the above instruments will do the job of killing. If so, maybe we can begin to discuss the cause of these factors. It is incumbent upon us to look deeper into the recent rise in irrational behavior. We must refrain from treating symptoms as we like to do and focus on root causes.

Recently, we witness a woman mowing down a crowd with her car at a parade and killing four. We watch as police officers shoot an unarmed man. We moan the beating and choking of unarmed citizens. We witness children being dragged through hallways in schools by teachers and the recent abuse of a child in the classroom.  Clearly, violent behavior is not always gun-related. The irrational nature of these incidents is due to anger, anxiety and depression projected onto innocent victims. So why are we so angry lately?

monsanto round up

We need to consider three things:  cause, symptoms and vehicle – the vehicle being the means by which someone kills another person. The vehicle – if it’s a gun, is secondary or tertiary if we admit that the act of killing can be accomplished by a variety of instruments as mentioned above. So let’s examine the other two methodically.  If we are going to assert that mental illness is the cause of gun violence (presently the media focus) then the next question is – what is the cause of this mental illness? Mental illness has many causes. Which mental illness or illnesses are we going to set our focus on to come to a conclusion?  Mental illness is both cause and symptom. It can be the cause of violence and it is the symptom of a genetic error or environmental factor.  The uniqueness of the individuals, their genetics, and the varying environmental factors determine the degree of the behavior. According to the NIMH 9.6 million Americans suffer with a mental illness which range from schizophrenia to ADHD and autism. Is it fair to the people who fit into this range – including very young children to be assigned such a label? Prone to gun violence?

So, we ask ourselves:

Is the mental illness congenital – an inborn error that is detectable and can possibly be treated and controlled? Or is it environmental and biological – the kind brought on by anxiety, stress, social marginalization and hopelessness?  Are these factors exacerbated by a lack of proper nutrition in the diet or the compromising of nutrients by chemicals in our food system? Also, there is the issue of morality, where someone uses violence to assert personal beliefs, but this is not pertinent here.

Monsanto Round-up

Let’s examine the biological and environmental factors that can affect how our brains work keeping in mind that “environment” according to an article from the NIMH does not only mean “physical surroundings, but also factors that can affect our bodies, such as sleep, diet or stress.” Let’s pry into our food systems for the past 20 years and see how foods are designed and manufactured. Consider for a moment that genetically modified foods are pervasive in our food system and the effects of this practice are not conclusive. According to the studies conducted by Seneff and Samsel, since the early nineties when GMO’s (genetically modified organisms) were introduced into the food system there has been a rise in chronic diseases like obesity. They claim that our foods have been adulterated and compromised. Seneff asserts that there is a correlation between increased use of the pesticide Monsanto Round-up and the rise in chronic diseases. She asserts that such an exponential increase suggests an environmental cause and not a genetic cause.

The Journal of Organic Systems published a paper in 2014 asserting that “Evidence is mounting that glyphosate – the ingredient in Monsanto Round-up pesticide interferes with many metabolic processes in plants and animals, and Glyphosate residues have been detected in both. Glyphosate disrupts the endocrine system and the balance of gut bacteria; it damages DNA and is a driver of mutations that lead to cancer.” Take note also that “The rate of chronic disease in the entire US population has been dramatically increasing with an estimated 25% of the US population suffering from multiple chronic diseases (Autoimmunity Research Foundation, 2012). These findings suggest environmental triggers rather than genetic or age-related causes.”

These researchers claim that Glyphosate, the main ingredient in Monsanto Round-up causes nutritional deficiencies and creates toxins in our bodies. It disrupts and kills beneficial bacteria in our gut which is beneficial for our survival and optimum health. This is true because Monsanto Round-up is essentially an antibiotic. When good bacteria is killed, pathogens multiply, creating toxins which cause inflammation in the gut. (Leaky gut) These toxins can move into the blood stream and into the brain wreaking havoc on our health. Monsanto – the company that produces Round-up claims that glyphosate is harmless to humans because we do not have a biological pathway (Shikimate) which glyphosate disrupts. This is true according to Dr.Seneff. However, this biological pathway occurs in plants and bacteria.  Glyphosate – Monsanto Round-up chelates essential micro-nutrients from our bodies like zinc and cobalt. I can go on and on, but for our purpose here, let’s look at the essential amino acid Tryptophan.

Tryptophan is an essential amino acids that we need. We get Tryptophan from our diet or from good bacteria. Glyphosate – Monsanto Round-up disrupts the biological process (Shikimate Pathway) in the bacteria that will allow them to make Tryptophan. Tryptophan is the sole precursor to Serotonin- a neuro-transmitter.  If you are not getting enough Tryptophan in your diet because you eat GMOs, or the bacteria that is producing Tryptophan cannot produce it, then you will have low Serotonin or no Serotonin at all.  Monsanto Round-up disrupts the production of Tryptophan in our good bacteria. Low Serotonin levels in the blood can lead to negative health issues because Serotonin has many functions. Some of them are regulating and controlling blood sugar, and regulating insulin. It metabolizes Vitamin D. It suppresses appetite. Obesity you asked? That’s not our purpose here.  Dr. Seneff believes that “low Serotonin is very definitely correlated with violent behavior”. She believes that monsanto round-up is a contributor to this epidemic. She explains that “people become irrationally violent and they are not able to reason about the consequences about what they are doing and that it can be traced back to low Serotonin.” Low Serotonin in the blood and brain brings on depression.  If Tryptophan is needed to produce Serotonin but Monsanto Round-up is destroying it, then why is it surprising that there is an epidemic of depression and anxiety in our society?

Monsanto Round-up

The technology of genetic engineering where a gene is extracted from a bacteria or other organism and placed into a different organism is being questioned by geneticists. Companies like Monsanto who blindly take one gene from an organism and insert it into another to achieve a desirable trait is dangerous. According to geneticists, like Samsel it is not possible to do this without some kind of collateral damage. Genetic engineering disrupts the DNA of the organism that has been invaded – the blueprint for the way the organism functions.  The potential damage is not being considered or tested. The shortsightedness of the people who perform this technology do not take this into account.  We do not know the long term effects of GMOs on our biological systems. Actually, Samsel and Seneff are explaining the effects, but no one is listening. They are giving us a window into the cause of our slow demise as a culture. They are sounding the alarm and informing us that our debilitating health and well-being are compromised without our knowledge and consent.

Monsanto Round-upCrops like corn, soy and canola, alfalfa and sugar beets are Monsanto Round-up ready or genetically modified to resist Round-up.  When it is sprayed on the crops they do not die, but the weeds and everything else die. Most of the processed foods we consume are based on those three or four crops. Be aware that 95% of the above-mentioned crops are genetically modified. GMOs are pervasive in our environment. We consume them and don’t know or don’t care. Recently it was confirmed by the World Health Organization that Glyphosate – Monsanto Round-up is a carcinogen (cancer-causing). We know that Glyphosate is essentially an antibiotic and chelator – (kills plants and removes essential nutrients form the plants) we know that the good bacteria in our gut are particularly susceptible to Glyphosate. The scientists who studied this chemical are competent and honest citizens.  Are we going to ignore their call to action. We must seriously consider Glyphosate – Monsanto Round-up as the root cause of our chronic health problems? Are we going to stick our heads in the sand and continue to see our health deteriorate? Are we going to be victims of “genocide by food”? We have the power to change course. Say no to GMO.

Since Tryptophan can be destroyed by glyphosate and the link to low serotonin is undeniable, then it is imperative to examine this biological link to violence.




Round-up and its main ingredient glyphosate have been declared a carcinogenic agent or cancer causing very recently by the (IARC) International Agency for Research on Cancer a branch of the World Health Organization.  According to the IARC “glyphosate induced a positive trend in the incidence of a rare tumour, renal tubule carcinoma. A second study reported a positive trend for haemangiosarcoma in male mice. Glyphosate increased pancreatic islet-cell adenoma in male rats in two studies. It’s formulation promoted skin tumours in an initiation-promotion study in mice.”

Glyphosate is the main ingredient in Round-up – the chemical used in our back yards and gardens to get rid of weeds. It is used on 80% of our food crops like corn, wheat and soy which are round-up ready for the wanton spraying of this chemical. These grains are genetically modified to withstand the drenching of glyphosate.

Are we now going to pay attention because an authoritative source declared it so?  Many scientists knew for a long time that this chemical is bad. Gilles-Eric Seralini, Phd Professor of Molecular Biology at the University of Caen in France did exhaustive studies about the effects of this chemical on rats. Of course, the agri-businesses like Monsanto became concerned, so they wielded their powers to have his findings retracted from a very prominent journal – Food and Chemical Toxicology (FCT), that publishes articles and reviews on toxics in our foods and environment and their harmful effects on humans and animals. They also review drugs and agricultural chemicals like glyphosate to assess the safety of such products. They have re-publish the review and Dr. Seralini has been absolved and proven correct about his findings.

Dr. Seralini studied the effects of glyphosate on rats and found that the rats grew various tumors and had liver and kidney damage. He showed the cumulative effects over a long period of this poisonous chemical. Monsanto conducted a study for 3 months and concluded that there were no bad effects.


Seralini’s rats

Parents of children on the autism spectrum also know that glyphosate is bad. Our children have been suffering from its effects via the foods that they eat.  In addition to killing weeds, this chemical is killing the beneficial bacteria in our children’s intestines leading to leaky gut and many auto-immune disorders. Glyphosate has also been found in the blood of agricultural workers which indicates that it is absorbs in the blood.

When are we going to take action to stop this  madness? When are we going to say to our representatives in government to stop taking bribes from agri-businesses in order to have their way with our food. When are we going to take back our democracy from the autocrats and say “for the people,by the people of the people.”